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New Babe on the Block: Blonde84

New Babe on the Block: Blonde84

Gentlemen, please give Blonde84 a warm welcum to CAM4. She’s 3 months new to camming, but I feel like I’ve known her for ages! She’s stolen my heart, with that hot body, sweet face, and naughty nympho attitude, it’s no surprise to me ;) Oh yeah she’s a blonde, so naturally…

Besides, she is running this crazy contest this month, don’t miss it!

Enough said! Take me to her CAM4 profile!

Or finish reading the interview ;)

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Please tell me something about yourself!
What can I say? I’m 30 years old, blonde, blue eyes and live in Dreamland hahaha. I’m a normal person with a normal life. But I have a secret: I’m a little nympho. Shhh dont tell anyone ;)

Where can we find you on the Internet?
You can find me on twitter @blonde700 and on CAM4.

What do you do when you are not on cam?
When l’m not on CAM4 l’m at work, and when l’m not at work l’m on cam4. I’m an active person, I truly love nature (especially sex in nature), the beach, sports and dancing. But what I enjoy the most, is having a good glass of wine with good company! Cheers to that!

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Sexually, what turns you on?
What turns me on? Ohhhh a lot of things hahahaha. Dirty talking with strangers turns me on a lot! Kisses on the neck, sex in public places… Yes, I certainly like the thrill of being naughty in public places. For example a dinner with friends, hands under the table, well that just makes me crazy! But the best place for having sex is in nature ;)

Tell me about your best sex experience?
My best sex experience… I’ve had a lot , I can’t choose one haha. But I can give you a hint :P . I’m a Leo babe so I’m a real beast in bed and I love a men who knows how to domesticate and dominate me.

In cam shows you use toys, what’s your favourite toy to play with?
I LOVE sex toys, I actually have 10 masturbation toys but my favourite toys are the newest of my collection: Hitachi and realistic dildo (8 inches ;-]). Together, these two send me right to heaven!

What’s your advice for new people entering the cam world?
Well, I’ve only been camming for 3 months! But my advice is definitely to be yourself, be natural. And I really think that if you’re not enjoying it, your viewers will pick up on it. I watch other cams from time to time, including girls cams, that’s good. However you shouldn’t start copying other girls. Live your life, cause everyone else’s is taken…

When on cam what do you get asked to do the most?
Well I think the feet fetish is number one. And they also often ask me to show my face. I totally understand that, however please understand too… I can be your neighbour, or that pretty waitress who serves your coffee every morning. But, you can see my face all the time during my private shows so you know what you have to do ;)

lf you want to know me better just come to my shows and ask me. Anything goes!

Craving more? Follow @blonde700 on Twitter, where she likes to talk dirty and tease us with pics ;)

Chat with Blonde84 on CAM4!

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  1. mike75 says:

    blonde84 realluy puts her soul into her appearances, big diffence

  2. scousemr89 says:

    I have been talking with this gorgeous amazing woman for a while now and we have become good friends I love her shows and she really helps me when I feel down and her shows are mind blowing and sooo happy she is getting noticed for it keep up the good work darling. much love and respect for u mwah xxx