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Unidsexyy CAM4 Babe and Dancing Queen

Unidsexyy CAM4 Babe and Dancing Queen

Let’s go back to the basics and enjoy some of the simple pleasures a cam girl (and their viewers) get to enjoy. Unidsexyy easily has one of the most desired bodies on CAM4… both by girls and guys. Her outlook on camming is refreshing, she loves when men want to see her naked, and she considers herself both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. Let’s get to know the friendly soul inside of this wickedly hot body!

Good morning, Maria!
Hi Bea… thx for the questions!

How are you today? Any plans so far?
I’m fine. Just preparing myself for my next show on CAM4.

unidsexyy-cam4-2How did you discover CAM4?
A friend of mine told me about CAM4, and I’m glad he did it!

Exhibitionist or voyeur? What describes you better?
I say a little bit of both! The word who describes me better is: friendly!

Tell me something about your broadcasts, what do you enjoy to show?

I love to dance and to show my body. I enjoy when men want me to get naked!

Do you have special offers or regular efforts for your viewers on CAM4?
Yes I do! For example: one night any flash is just 10 token or for any gift on my bio they receive one flash!

Introduce us to your favorite sex toy for cam shows, is it the same off-cam?
I don’t really have a favorite toy, I just grab what I have near or I just use my fingers! ;)

What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t know just from watching your shows?
I don’t think there is something, you cannot see of me in my shows! I’m unpredictable when I’m on cam, it would happen, that I start cooking, doing my laundry etc.

unidsexyy-cam4-5If we threw a CAM4 party, would you be the life of the party dancing and singing, or hanging out on the sidelines getting to know some fellow cam performers? Or something else? ;)
If I were in one of CAM4 parties, definitely I would do both! I love to dance, as much as I love to socialise!

Do you have any advice for girls & guys who want to start broadcasting on CAM4?
Yes, I do have one advice! Boys and girls just be yourself on cam… you will feel good inside and outside at the same time!

My dear, thank you so much for your time to answer my curios questions for your fans & the CAM4 blog!
I hope you enjoy my interview! Kisses, Maria

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When she’s not on CAM4, you can find @unidsexyy on Twitter.

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