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Big Dick Daddy Luckyandjinx

Big Dick Daddy Luckyandjinx

First and foremost I love cheese :D lol. My name is Jinx I am a 34 years young, engaged, webcam model with 6 kids between my fiance and myself. I have been a webcam model for 3 years. It is 1 of 4 full time jobs I have:


2.Semi pro poker player



I love spending time with the friends I have made over the years in my room and being able to fulfill fantasies of tens of thousands of people all around the world and also be a “bartender/ear” for those who might just be having a bad day and need a smile, some help, advice, and vise versa. The friends I have made from webcam modeling are amazing people and when I win the World Series Of Poker in the next 5 years I will remember all of those who remembered my family when times were tough!!! I am 100% straight but I don’t look at people as titles I look at them as human beings that naturally love what they love, I am a model so women and men will admire if they so desire it’s part of the culture.

What’s one thing you’ve done on CAM4 that you thought you’d never do?

Show myself nude to the world, I’m not shy nor timid I just didn’t expect to be stroking my huge cock for the universe lol.

And what’s one thing that CAM4 has got you wanting to do/fantasizing about that you never did before?

Nothing, I am a free spirit and have done everything I wanted to do before finding CAM4.WIN_20150511_135109

Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee women with sexy feet, There is NOTHING sexier than a beautiful woman from head to toe. Would love to see my fiance getting gangbanged!!!

Has your attitude towards sex changed since you started camming? Are you more open-minded, less judgmental, etc.

Not at all, I have never been a judge and have always been open minded and that’s exactly why I have had success with camming.

What do you feel is sexiest part of your body? And what part do other people find the sexiest?

I think the sexiest part of my body would be my hands, women go crazy when I touch them, according to the world my eyes, hands, feet, and my 9 ½ cock is sexy too.WIN_20150512_221804

Have you ever thought about another CAM4 performer?

cam4.com/sweetchillli <— sooooooooooo sexy…..and would also like to mention another one of my friends for years that I met webcamming and introduced me to CAM4 cam4.com/hellosquirty she is amazing!!!

Has camming changed your personality off-cam?

Absolutely, I am capable of dealing with any type of person now; everyone is different so everyone must be looked at as an individual :)

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