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Bad1976Cock – A Workout You Will Never Forget

Bad1976Cock – A Workout You Will Never Forget

It’s time to feel the excitement as we shine the spotlight on a CAM4 muscleman creator, Waylon – aka Bad1976Cock. This workout enthusiast has toned his physique through managing his palm tree farm, using it as a homemade gym!

Back in 2008, he was involved in an accident that ended with surgery to fit a new hip, and a titanium Femur in his right thigh. Despite this, he has spent recent years perfecting his muscular body, culminating in his entry in a contest to find the next Mr. Health & Fitness.

“I’m not shy, I’m a man who loves being sexy for everybody!” Says Bad1976Cock

Following his accident, Waylon changed direction and became a cam creator with CAM4, and his new found love for the industry has provided him the perfect opportunity to channel his energy. His hardcore masturbation shows are something to tune in for. 

Every day is a hot steamy session of naked flesh with Bad1976Cock. Audiences will be treated to a body flex show filled with toy play and sexual arousal. Get ready to be up close and personal with this mature, muscular monster, as he talks dirty for your carnal pleasures.

CAM4 recently interviewed Bad1976Cock

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please would you let us know who you are, what you like to do on cam, and a little bit about what your niche might be? 

Bad1976Cock: Hi everyone, my name is Waylon and I go by the username Bad1976Cock. I came to CAM4 last year, having previously been a creator on other platforms. When I joined CAM4, it was at a time where being here pretty much saved my life. I fell in love with CAM4 because of the way it came about. The way it welcomes people, and the way it helps the creators. They care about you, and not only that, they check in on you as well.

I’m not in it for the tokens at all, however I do appreciate them. Most of the tokens I use to tip out to other creators, and the other half I use to pay for my internet, my new laptop, or whatever I need. My shows are a mixture of anything and everything. If it feels good, then I’m doing it. I’m very comfortable as a man, and I like my toys. I have my dildos and pocket pussies, and I have “no shame in my game”. I’m a man who loves being sexy for everybody. I’m not shy, and I don’t have a safe word at all!

My preference is for females, and my favorite thing is to lick pussy and ass. I love making women cum. I do, however, look forward to my first experience with a man. I’ve never had a real cock in my life, but I hope to have one someday. I don’t know what labels people put on that, but that’s just me – that’s who I am. 

How did you decide on what you were going to do on cam – How did you figure out what people are going to like?

Bad1976Cock: I’ve always been alone, I’ve been alone for more years than I would have liked. I’ve been on my farm for thirteen years, and it’s a palm tree farm. When I was first getting into camming, I was just masturbating. I was stroking my cock and playing with it, and then I would cum. After my shows, I would start thinking about things, and I decided to start a schedule. I decided that I was going to go outside on the farm. Then I’m going to work out naked. Then I’m going to be inside. Now I’ve got all kinds of stuff that I’m going to do, and so I decided that I would use that to give the audience whatever they’re into.

As we all know, there are a lot more guys in the audience on CAM4 than there are women. Now I’m lucky, because I get both joining my show. However, I’ve got to say that the majority, around 70 percent, are guys. The women don’t tend to tip as much, however they like to play, and I do love making women happy. At the same time though, there are the guys, and I like making guys happy too. Therefore, the way I decided was simply about whatever felt good, whatever everybody liked the most – that’s what I would do.

When I start a show, I can start off fully clothed, and then I work my way down until I’m buck naked. At the same time, I will have someone on another cam and we can just watch each other throughout our whole sessions. Sometimes, we’ve even been going for ten or twelve hours in a day, sometimes longer. I love long hours, even being with someone having sex for days. I’ve actually passed out, and then woke up to finish off. In the end, I enjoy everything about sex, and I’m lucky because at 47 years old, everything still works as it always has.

From the time you started out, up to where you are now, what’s been the biggest change? 

Bad1976Cock: I think probably that’s about using dildos on myself. I went from a little dildo to one of those giant ones that I received as a gift from a fan. I started using a smaller one on myself while alone. Then whilst streaming on other platforms there were a bunch of them doing it, but I didn’t do much of it myself on cam, I just kept that to me on my own. When I came to CAM4, however, that’s when it opened up, and I was no longer hiding it like before.

Previously I was more personal with it, and did things alone, but now I’m more open on CAM4. For me, that’s probably the biggest difference. Now I’m pleasuring myself on cam, and the ladies love it, as much as the men. I find that’s absolutely my favorite, as I love a woman who takes control and will want a dude to be on the receiving end, just as much as they are. “If you’re a woman and you like that, then you can come over to my place for as long as you want, and anytime you want. My doors are always open, so come on over!

Some people say that luck is a big part of succeeding in this business, either you have it or you don’t. Have you had a lucky moment so far, and if so, what would that be?

Bad1976Cock: It was my fourth day on CAM4 and I made 199 tokens from a private show, and I was like “wow!” I ended up tipping half of it to other creators, as I’m a bit of an ‘old pervert’ 🤣. I mean that I feel like a young pervert in my body, but even given my age, I am still out there giving tips out in waves. I’m definitely addicted to going to other rooms to share, I absolutely love it.

As someone who likes to do marathon shows, when and how do you feel the need to refresh – What does it mean to you to take time out and refresh? 

Bad1976Cock: For me I feel that my time is priceless. If I give it, then I give it completely. As of now, I’ve been on for a hundred and fifty days straight, for about two to six hours a day, every day. I don’t plan on slowing down or stopping, and if you look at my time schedule, you’ll notice that out of those days, I probably do lots of hours a day – I absolutely love it. As soon as I wake up, I want to get on cam. I sleep thinking about CAM4, because it’s my social life, and I don’t really go out and about. I don’t have friends, so you won’t see me at a bar. 

Because of that, I stay out of trouble. I’m retired, and I’m a very personal and private person. I’ve maybe only got about five friends, and they’re all females. Other than that, it’s just me and CAM4. I love it, and I want to be adopted by CAM4. If it is possible, you can do a big brother on me – let’s do it. The only privacy I need is when I want to pick my nose or wipe my ass, other than that, you can watch me all the time.

I don’t really have any downtime. For me, refreshing is taking a shower, or cleaning the house. There are times when all I do is shower, clean up the house, or get other jobs done like the laundry. Next thing I know it’s time to eat and then get on cam again. There’s nothing I’m doing that I wouldn’t want to share with all of my viewers. I’m a firm believer that I must strive to be the best at everything I do. CAM4 is my family, and it saved my life at a time where I couldn’t be without it. I am more than thankful, because I was blessed, so thank you, I appreciate it. 

It’s obvious that CAM4 is definitely part of your self care program, but Is there anything else that you do to promote self care for yourself?

Bad1976Cock: Not really, no. For me, CAM4 is my therapy. All that I mainly do is to eat, sleep, work out, and masturbate. I haven’t had a real sex life, so I stopped selling myself three years ago. I haven’t had real sex in over three years, but that’s about me going without, it’s by choice. If I want to, I can go out there and get laid at any time, but it’s not worth it to me. If I can stay home and have sexual time with all my viewers, over and over, that’s fine. The other day I did ten hours, but I didn’t have any problem getting hard. I love people seeing me like that. 

When you go to the CAM4 homepage you see so many options, with a host of different creators, there is plenty of variety. With that in mind, what does diversity mean to you? 

Bad1976Cock: To me, diversity is about all the guys and girls. It’s about trans women, and I’ve never seen an ugly trans woman, ever! In fact, I find trans women to be one of my dreams. One day, I would like to be used by a bunch of women and trans women. Just tie me up and put me in a box, then take me out and use me for whatever you need, for as long as you need me. I will do whatever you want, because I want to try it, and I want to feel it.

To me, diversity is the whole of CAM4. I just find everyone on here to be awesome. To me, I don’t see different races or colors, I don’t see anything different in anybody, and if it feels good, then everybody should be doing it. I don’t understand this whole aspect of trying not to get caught masturbating as you’re growing up, to make you think it’s bad. If your partner is out of town, then you jack off, and if I had one, I would still have to jack off. The difference is, I don’t have a problem being honest about it.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Bad1976Cock: To coin a phrase… “On top of the world”. Hopefully, I’d like to be somewhere in one of CAM4’s events. You could put me on a beach or on a boat, or in fact, I could be on my farm, now there’s an idea. If I had it my way, when a viewer clicks on my profile, it won’t be your average cam, you would come to my farm. There are acres of palm trees, and we could be having sex outside, with no neighbors. Maybe in five years I would like to be a porn star, as I said earlier, I would be anywhere and everywhere. I would like to try all different parts of the industry.

Please let everyone know where to find you on CAM4, what your schedule is, and where to find you on social media.

Bad1976Cock: You can find me under my profile – Bad1976Cock, and I’m usually on all day, every day! If I’m not live, just check my profile for my schedule of next shows. I always try to keep my calendar scheduled, allowing for a minimum three hour show. If I’m not around you can follow me on social media, and all my links are shown below. To all you people out there, please feel free to come to my room at any time.



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