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Sex Toys for Men: Where to Begin

Sex Toys for Men: Where to Begin

Men have always had their toys, cars, snowmobiles, boats, and motorcycles. But now, sex toys for men are no longer considered taboo. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, toys are a safe and sexy way to explore your body and sexuality. Stimulate yourself, your partner, and experience wildly different kinds of arousal that you never even knew existed. Sex toys offer multiple benefits to your pleasure and health. Here’s your basic guide on how to get started.

You can check out the CAM4 Stockroom store to find everything you need, and some things you didn’t even know you needed 😉


Cock Rings:
They help prolong and have powerful erection so you can enjoy intense orgasms. You and your tippers will apreciate for sure. Rings can be made of a variety of different materials, shape and sizes.

Personalize your penis with a vast selection of cock rings from Stockroom. Personally, the Fuckler would be my favorite if I had a cock. Those weird tentacles must do good? And it’s got a great name. Probably not a toy you’d want your family to find 😉


Fleshlight and Penis Sleeves:
They provides an exciting and fun method of self pleasure. They replicate the sensation of intercourse, and you can even buy ones specifically meant to feel like pussy, mouth, or ass. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot looks sleek and is safe to travel with.

Give your hand a rest, Stockroom carries a multitude of sleeves and Fleshlights.


Anal Toys:
Prostate pleasure is something a lot of men either don’t explore, or they’re hesitant to do so. If you’re apprehensive or you don’t feel like your partner is open to this, toys are the way to go. Dildos, plugs, beads, and prostate massagers are designed for a pleasurable stimulation and even prep for anal sex. Prostate stimulation enhances orgasms.

Turn a Solo Show into a very intense experience with something as small as this $7 rubber plug from Stockroom.

Penis Pumps:
Originally designed for erectile dysfunction, like a mechanical Viagra! These provide non permanent penile enlargement but more commonly have become used as sex toy because of the pleasurable vacuum pressure sensation. What else could you ask for?

BDSM Gear:
When you want to get freakier; whips, masks, handcuffs, and blindfolds will do the trick. These can easily transform any ordinary show into a perfect role play scene that can bring out so many secret (and not-so-secret) fantasies in your viewers. Remember, not everyone has a partner they can openly explore their entire sexual dream life with so camming is often an outlet for them.

Are you dominant or submissive? Stockroom has all of the gear for you!

Lubricants & Lotions:

An essential whether you are using a toy or not. Always have lube on hand for masturbation, toys, partner play, oil shows, etc.
It enhances sensation while minimizing uncomfortable friction

Lube it up, BB!


MN Cock

First sex toy?
“An anal plug starter kit and a fleshlight. I got them on the same day.”

How many toys do you have?
“Umm…. a dozen, roughly….”

Which one is your favourite?

Which toy do viewers ask you to use the most?
No matter what I use people always ask about bigger toys.

Experiences using toys on your CAM4 shows?
“Sex toys can be awesome in show. It breaks up the boredom or just jacking off or doing close ups of your junk. With so many different options out there I feel like there is something for everyone ranging from vibrating gadgets that do terrific things to dildos of all sizes to any kind of BDSM gear. ”



First sex toy?
“A fleshlight ”

How many toys do you have?
” Two ”

Which one is your favourite?
“Sexflesh Realistic Pussy and Ass so far ”

Which toy do viewers ask you to use the most?
“The new one is a hit Sexflesh Realistic Pussy and Ass ”

Experiences using toys on your cam4shows?
“I like the use of sex toys on cam, it gives a different dynamic and show. ”



First sex toy?
“A bedpost ”

How many toys do you have?
“Too many and not enough. ”

Which one is your favourite?
“Rambone…it fits like lock and key ”

Which toy do viewers ask you to use the most?
“Rascal the Excess” dildo – 18″ long with girth of almost 3. ”

Experiences using toys on your CAM4 shows?
” Two words: Monster Sized ”



First sex toy?
“An ice Fleshlight ”

How many toys do you have?
“40+ ”

Which one is your favourite?
“Still the fleshlight ”

Which toy do viewers ask you to use the most?
“Dildos and the fleshlight ”

Experiences using toys on your cam4shows?
“I have a huge variety of sex toys and I try to introduce as many of them into my shows as possible but over the years I have really found the crowd pleasers, people love to watch me fuck and because I’m straight the appeal of me fucking a chick isn’t for everyone so I give that fleshlight a real pounding 🙂 I also enjoy some anal stimulation but the larger toys aren’t the best for me but I still go for it because they have their appeal. ”

ob1k copy


First sex toy?
“My first sex toy was a “cat in a can” a anal replica made of cyber skin that fit in a plastic container the size of a can of beans I would say. (Lol) ”

How many toys do you have?
“Six.. Vulcan (mouth), Apollo Power Stoker, ass and pussy cyber skin in doggie position (replica), Onahole, Japanese sex toy made of A G+ material, dual layer(from magic eyes), standard butt plug medium in size, and a anal ballon pump.”

Which one is your favourite?
“My favorite right now is my Power Stoker, which does a great job of simulating a blowjob with vibrations that surround the penis head and frenulum. But my onahole is my go to for a vagina styled sex toy. It looks and feels just like the real deal! But is a delicate toy, so care is really needed when using and cleaning.”

Experiences about using toys on you cam4shows?
“Butt plug always!”

Ob1k you work in a adult store, What do customers look for the most?
“Common things I get asked for are cock ring recommendations and lube. There are so many choices that it can seem over whelming so I try to guide the guys to a good product to start with. Then for the more experienced, a new product that they may have not tried.

Advice for buyers?
“The clear flesh lights are ideal for camming. The ability to see through the sex toy Is a pleaser for viewers. I see many people come in looking at toys. Most want something affordable. But the inexpensive options are always a let down. Most of the toys in store kind of suck, and the very good ones range in cost above 100 USD. So what I do, I show someone the least expensive toy, and point out the weak points of it. Then show them the most expensive toy and point out the good. Now that they are armed with knowledge, I offer them lines that are in the middle. This way they will walk out with a product that will work well, feel good, not break down after a few uses. So always do you research on products before making that purchase. Being a sex positive person helps!”

“I love discussing sex, self sex and helping people find that right toy. ”

Don’t hesite to join ob1k’s cam for any consultation 😉

For more guys with sex toys on CAM4, check out some of our favorites!













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