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You’re in for Double Trouble with Sameoljb

You’re in for Double Trouble with Sameoljb

We are excited to introduce you to a camming couple who create content – Sameoljb. Jack and Joey are a talented pair whose creative flair certainly has an undeniable wow factor!

This gay couple love to make content, as well as entertain their growing fanbase here on CAM4. They are open to both indoor, outdoor fun, and enjoy group play with friends.  When they are doing a live show there is always plenty to enjoy with surprises along the way.

Sameoljb take pleasure in creating a personal experience that drives their audiences wild!

Jake is a former systems data analyst who decided to swap computers for a career in camming! While Joey, who’s a real-life daddy, is simply enjoying the second half of his life now that he has more time to himself.

Being open and adventurous, they have explored most sexual pleasures, however they have a particular appetite for sexy toys and BDSM . Sameoljb has lots of positive sexual energy, which they firmly believe comes from interacting with their audience. Don’t be shy, they won’t bite (unless you ask nicely!)


CAM4 recently interviewed Sameoljb
Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please introduce yourselves, and tell us a little bit about how you found your way to CAM4.

Sameoljb: I’m Joey and I’m one half of Sameoljb, and I’ve always been very positive about my sexuality. I love entertaining others with my body, simply because I just enjoy putting it out there!

Sameoljb: I’m Jake and I’m the other half of Sameoljb, and I have a similar experience, as I’m also very positive about my sexuality. I saw camming as an option whilst being between jobs. I was thinking about my body and decided to do some brainstorming whilst job searching. That’s when I found out about camming. Joey and I talked about it, and we both felt very comfortable with it. We decided that it would be good to do something fun and new, and here we are! We’re both really glad that we signed up and got started with CAM4.

Is there a particular niche that you cater for in your cam shows, and if so, what is it? 

Sameoljb: We’re still very new to the industry, so we’re learning what our niches are likely to be. Obviously, there are two of us, which is a plus, and so we are open to pretty much anything. We wouldn’t really put ourselves into one particular niche, since we like to do a little bit of everything. 

This industry generally appeals to solo creators, however our audiences love seeing more and more couples providing new experiences. As duo creators, what kinds of things do you like to do on cam?

Sameoljb: First and foremost, we like to be explicit – we just go for it. We love toys, as much as we love each other. We provide XXX-rated shows, and we like to put as many ‘X’s as we can on it! It will come as no surprise that we’ve got some tattoos and some muscles, so we love showing off our bodies, and playing with each other. 

Based on your own observations, how have you changed? How have you grown as individuals, but also as cam professionals since the time you started?

Sameoljb: One of the biggest changes is that camming has actually helped our relationship. It’s something that we both enjoy as part of our lives, as it’s something we’re able to do together. This has enabled us to connect with each other, and maybe even find out sexual things that we like to do. There have been some that we wouldn’t have discussed before, or even thought to discuss until having the opportunity through being on CAM4. There’s such an amazing amount of positivity and encouragement amongst the viewers, and that’s helped us to just go for it.

Do you think luck plays a part in success as cam creators, and if so, what has been one of your luckiest experiences on cam?

Sameoljb: One of the things that seems to bring a lot of people to our room to enjoy watching us, is that we make it a personal experience. When we are camming together and having a good time, we enjoy ourselves. We also very much love interacting with the viewers as well, and that seems to be something that they find enjoyable too. We’re not sure if luck plays as much a part of it as the chemistry we have together. What’s really humorous too is, thinking about something sexual that you’ve done all your life, and then wondering, “am I doing this right?” 🤣

Sameoljb: You also get to critique how you’re doing in real life as a couple, compared to whether you did differently on cam. Sometimes it’s about learning how to involve a third party, and not knowing whether that’s luck, or just the chemistry for everyone involved. It’s really fun to get out there and have that positivity with it, and if luck wants to jump in, then come on in. Luck does come into it sometimes, because you never know what kind of viewers are going to pop in, especially with so many random cams. Therefore, if you want to be successful, take the time to read all the tutorials, look at the articles, and search out the answers to any questions you may have. Get comfortable and be natural. 

As creators, we are constantly in need of a refresh – it’s essential to the way we work. This is because our industry is both creatively and physically demanding. With that in mind, when do you know you need to refresh, and what does it look like for you? 

Sameoljb: That’s actually something we’ve just started talking about. We want to make sure that we keep things new. When we were just starting out, one of the cool things that sets us apart and makes us different, is that we engage with the audience. We will sit and talk, and if there’s no one in the room, we will flash something to see if we get a few viewers to come in. When people start coming in, we’ll stop and play a trivia game with each other. We love playing games where, if you miss a question, you get spanked three times! As far as refresh goes, when we start seeing the same interaction from the same users, then we think about how we can make the shows different. This could be simply picking a topic out of the jar, or wearing different outfits, or other things like that.

Regardless of how long you’ve been camming, self care is essential. Could you tell us a little bit about what self care means to you?

Sameoljb: First off, make sure that you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. As a father, you want to make sure that you inspire everyone to do what makes them happy. Remember, life is so very short, and you want to make yourself feel beautiful. Love is in every part of yourself, however there is going to be someone out there who’s always going to find something wrong with you. Just rise above it, enabling you to take the positive from all of it and then move forward.

Sameoljb: You can have those days where you maybe didn’t get the right amount of sleep the previous night, or something similar. In those circumstances, there’s eye dabbing concealers. Similarly, if you wake up and go straight in front of the camera to broadcast, you may find that your face and hair aren’t great, so you have to put your show on pause, and go and refresh.

Diversity is something that we see so much of in this industry, because there are no limits as to who can be successful. With this in mind, what does diversity mean to you?

Sameoljb: There are so many different facets to diversity. First off, there’s race and creed, which is a big part of diversity. Of course, one of the cool things about diversity is looking at the different countries, and how their culture plays into their sexual proclivities. It’s interesting to then see how they’re represented while they’re on cam. There’s so many different factors, including the time differences between countries. For instance, we could be streaming from the USA in the afternoon, as it’s late at night in the UK. Therefore, we have to learn a lot about the different parts of the world as well as translations, which can be really fun to get to know. One of the great things with CAM4 is that everyone can get out there and let their flag fly, and have some fun with it.

Just like in any other business, we have to constantly evolve in our industry. Thinking of your future strategy, where do you see yourselves in five years? 

Sameoljb: It’s very simple – wherever we want to be. The only person that’s holding you back is yourself. If you want to do something, do it 100%. Be competitive, love yourself, and enjoy it. As long as you’re having a good time, then you’re doing things the right way. Of course the world changes so quickly, and so it’s always hard to nail down that question, as you don’t know where you’re going to be at a certain point in time, so we’ll just be wherever we end up! It will be in a place that will make the best of our life together. Just make sure you do as much as you can to ensure that wherever you are, you’ll be happy with what you’re doing. I’m sure that five years from now, you’ll be seeing us, and you’ll certainly know who we are.

Our viewers are going to need to know where to find you both, including here on CAM4, as well as your social media platforms. Where can everyone find you, and what’s your broadcasting schedule?

Sameoljb: We are right here on CAM4 under our profile Sameoljb, however we’re still working on the schedule, so please bear with us. We are also on Twitter, and our links are provided below.



CAM4 Profile: @Sameoljb

Recorded Content: My Shop

Jake’s Twitter: @Radventuresxxx

Joey’s Twitter: @houseofvanderx1