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Bravo TV’s Heartthrob – Adam Kodra chats about Below Deck experience with CAM4

Bravo TV’s Heartthrob – Adam Kodra chats about Below Deck experience with CAM4

As most of you will know, last year a group of CAM4 creators embarked on a luxury superyacht, joining the crew of Bravo TV’s hit reality TV Show Below Deck: Down Under. Our talented creators and staff showcased themselves as part of CAM4’s Beyond The Deck experience. During their time aboard, they were joined by the yacht’s crew, including one of the show’s delectable deckhands – Adam Kodra.

Now enmeshed into the CAM4 family, Adam is instantly recognisable as the heartthrob and best friend from the show – the guy that no one can forget. Hailing from Brooklyn NY, this Capricorn has a way at handling boats and managing anything that goes awry, which is quite an achievement for someone with only a year’s experience in the yachting industry.

“I think there’s a misconception about people in the industry. Creators are just expressing themselves, it’s just like expressing yourself through your art.” Says Adam

Adam is very active and when not engaged in nautical mischief, he loves nothing better than indulging in his favorite pastime of skateboarding. Amongst his other off-boat activities, he is a keen rugby player, and who doesn’t enjoy a sexy man in their sports kit! One of the great things about appearing on a show like Below Deck is the opportunity to visit new and exciting places, and one of Adam’s favorite places he has visited is Fitzroy Island, Australia.

The fabulous Laura Desiree, one of CAM’4 talented creators who appeared on the show, had the pleasure of joining Adam for a super special one-on-one interview. The meeting gave Laura an opportunity to probe Adam about one of the most memorable chapters in below deck history.


CAM4 Interview with Adam Kodra
Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Our community will be thrilled to learn more about you, and we will do our best to cater to their curiosities. One of the key things our audience will be wondering is… What was your first impression of the CAM4 content creators when we stepped aboard the yacht?

Adam: Firstly, thanks for inviting me and for welcoming me into the CAM4 family. In answer to the question, I have to say that from afar you all looked pretty intimidating. The energy you gave off was just unbelievable. Once we shook hands and I had a chance to meet you guys – oh my, I realized these are the sweetest people in the world. Now this may not be the best thing to say, but you guys are definitely my favorite guests!

What did you know about us being in the adult industry, and did any of that create any expectations or surprise you in any way?

Adam: I do remember that I once met a girl at a party in New York, and she was just very full of herself, so I did think that she represented everyone in the industry. However, once I met you guys, you were nothing less than amazing, which is the best way I could put it. You were all unbelievably nice and kind, and I couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about you. For me, I don’t care about things like money, fame, or whatever, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re not a good person, then I won’t interact with you. But you guys are just incredible.

Another question that everyone’s cheekily asking is… When are you going to get into the adult industry?

Adam: Maybe in another life 😂

What feedback did you receive online, what did people say about you being a part of that show?

Adam: Most were just surprised, as I’m pretty much a private person. Some were surprised that I would do something like that. A lot were cool about it, quoting “dude, you’re on TV”, or “that’s crazy”. I was flown out there to do the show, and then it was over before I could even realize what was going on! Later on, when everything hits, then obviously you realize there’s good and bad, and there’s definitely a lot of living in fear for a little bit, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s an incredible experience, and a fast kind of fame, so you quickly learn who your friends really are. You understand who are genuine people, rather than those who reach out to be your friend afterwards.

After the excitement of the show had died down, we got the news about an AVN nomination, which are the adult industry awards. Our episodes of Below Deck: Down Under were nominated for Mainstream Crossover. Did you ever think in this lifetime that you would be nominated for an AVN award? 

Adam: No, definitely not at all. That was very exciting news. When I got invited, I remember thinking that it was so cool, because after meeting you guys, it’s just going to be a party full of great people. It’s definitely the coolest party I’ve ever been to. Flying to Las Vegas felt like being in a movie, it was dope. There were a few issues on arrival, they couldn’t find me in the system, which meant I couldn’t pick up my passes and award show tickets. Everything got resolved in the end though, and it went smoothly from there.  It was so cool coming and meeting you at the convention, and everyone was so nice, they were all so genuine. It was great seeing the reality of people, away from the perception of the character they portray, it’s just unbelievable. When we went to the awards, I honestly couldn’t believe what was going on, I was in awe. Being there with you guys was just super, there’s no one else I’d rather have been there with.

It was a long wait at the awards, how did you stay motivated and keep yourself entertained?

Adam: Being amongst all of you and taking it all in, that was my entertainment. I remember going live for a short time, which was fun. In fact, I believe that was the first time I’ve ever gone live, and I enjoyed it so much. I also made some new friends, and I met lots of different people, and I even got a bit starstruck.

Is there something that the general public doesn’t understand or doesn’t know about the adult industry? Is there something that you wish the rest of the world knew about us?

Adam: I think there’s a misconception about people in this industry, there’s an assumption that the models are bulletproof, and therefore you can just beat on them and say the most hurtful things in the world. Some believe they can take out their own mental problems on them, and that’s just disgusting. I’ve even broken friendships with people who think like that. I told them that people in the industry are a thousand times nicer than you, and I blocked a bunch of people for that. It’s unbelievable, because everyone at some point in their life has watched porn. I don’t understand the idea of talking like that about anyone, but some people just want to be mean to those in the adult industry. These creators are just expressing themselves, and going back to what we were talking about earlier, they’re playing the character. I think that’s awesome, it’s just like expressing yourself through your art. Just remember, live your life and don’t worry about other people.

What about the rest of the below deck cast, did you hear from anyone? What was the reaction from anyone about you attending the awards?

Adam: Actually, not that many people reached out to me, and I don’t remember anyone saying anything significant, maybe just “that’s cool”, or something similar. Nothing memorable, but I’m sure they would have loved to go, so thankfully I was the one that got picked. I can’t say enough about how cool it was, so I wish they were all there, which would have been crazy.


When the category came up, we saw that it went to someone else. At the time you were with Johnny, Skyy and Vanna, could you tell us what their reaction was?

Adam: Everybody was in disbelief, at first we thought they were joking. I think everyone had it in their heads that we were going to win, so it seemed a little strange that we didn’t, particularly as you can’t get more mainstream than that. In the end though, we’ll keep the memories forever. And thankfully we all connected through it, and I wouldn’t want anything more than that.

Looking back on our time on the yacht, you were very much like a beacon of comfort, simply because of how real you are. You did say, however, that we intimidated you when we first stepped on the yacht. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Adam: Other than the fact that you guys are all incredibly good looking, which is enough to intimidate anyone, the industry is just such an unknown thing. Even though everyone watches porn, no one thinks behind the lines. No one thinks about what happens once the creator is offline. No one asks, “how are these people?” I think the unknown was like the most intimidating and scary thing, that’s what it was. But, when you guys came aboard with your big smiles and great energy, all that washed away. It was an absolute delight to have you with us. However, I’m not gonna lie, I expected a little more from you. I thought you guys were gonna go skinny dipping on the boat, but you were more restrained. However, you guys had an incredible time, no matter what, you truly enjoyed it.

There were a lot of things that got cut from the show. What do you think is ever gonna happen with the unseen footage? Are we ever going to see it, or will it just be our memories to keep? 

Adam: I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to watch it back, but a lot of things got cut. However you’re right about the memories, and I like that way of thinking. Those bits will be for ‘members only’! 😂

What final message do you have for everyone here at CAM4, what is the message straight from the heart of Adam?

Adam: You guys are such wonderful people. Anyone that I’ve ever met from CAM4, are truly and unbelievably sweet. You guys are my people. When you consider that in the big world there’s a billion people out there, you guys are my people and I’m so happy I’ve met you guys. Thank you for working with me, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to the AVN’s. 

Thank you so much for making time for this interview, we know how busy you are. 

Adam: Thank you again for the opportunity, and you may catch me in the streets of New York, skateboarding through the city!



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