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Assume The Position: Erotic Model Jeffuncutt is Always At Your Service

Assume The Position: Erotic Model Jeffuncutt is Always At Your Service

Introducing Jeff Cutts, aka Jeffuncutt – one of the hottest male adult content creators to join CAM4. This blazing embodiment of manhood has a string of achievements, not least of all being labeled ‘hot as hell’. The hot boy from Alabama has served and protected his country, both in the US Marine Corp and the DC Police Force, and is always proud to be at your service – ATTENTION!

Jeff’s viewers are smitten with his hot horny torso – He’s a true Adonis!

Following a successful patriotic vocation, Jeff took the plunge into the adult entertainment industry. His adult creator career includes being an erotic model, as well as launching his first ever clip site. Jeff is always willing to try new things, and amongst other talents he is a barber and a registered massage therapist.

Jeffuncutt is a multi-talented model who oozes sexuality, and is well known for his delicious tight ass and sensitive nipples. During his shows, he has his viewers drooling over him – in more ways than one! Hang on to your hats and get ready to explode with excitement, as we get to know more about this dreamboat hunk.

CAM4 recently interviewed Jeffuncutt

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please introduce yourself, let us know how long you’ve been on CAM4, and how you’re enjoying your time as a cam creator.

Hey beautiful people, I’m Jeffuncutt, also known as Jeff Cutts. I’ve had the very great pleasure of being on CAM4’s platform for just over a year now. I’m still a cam baby, but I came in running and I’ve been taking some good directions, and just having fun making my way on cam.

Even after a short time you will have some understanding about the need to refresh your approach to this job. What experiences have you had so far? 

It really comes all the way down to the basics of your attire and the theme. I always cam with my partner, and we like to have different themes and different games. Sometimes we like to do card games involving the viewers, such as truth or dare. We also use music to refresh sometimes, and I even sing along with a little karaoke. You just have to use whatever you can to refresh.

What’s the difference between needing to refresh and approaching burnout – Do those things feel different?

Absolutely. Sometimes before you hit that ‘go live’ button, you might be just thinking that it’s simply another three hour show, and that’s fine. But sometimes you hit that mindset that’s just going to drag you down. At that point, it’s time to spice it up. It’s time to rejuvenate and just bring a different energy, which allows you to excite yourself, so the audience can feel it. 

Being a creator, a showman, an entertainer, it does require some constant inspiration. What brings you inspiration when you’re looking to refresh your performance? 

I always go back to just being receptive and open. My viewers will tell me what they like to see me in, what they enjoy most about me. Sometimes they just like to see a smile, so you just get close to the camera and smile. I try to be real sensitive to the input I get from my viewers, and I like to read to get different inspiration. I also like viewing other creators, because it brings a lot of new juices to the brain. Also, as I’m collabing with my girl, we can brainstorm between us.

What about the business side of it, such as building a strategy for success. Have you had to refresh that, and how did you do it?

Yes, I have to pay attention to the trends. Most people hate their nine to five jobs. So through the week they’re miserable, and they want to find enjoyment through sexual pleasures. Then at the weekend, everybody lives their life. So at the weekend it’s hard to get the audience to tap in. But I’ve noticed that through the week, particularly in the early mornings and late nights, people are trying to find a way to ground themselves, especially before they start work. They like to squeeze one out. So you have to know these things, and that’s why I like the business side of it. If you get it right, it brings more viewers, which brings more tips. Of course, sometimes when people are more tipsy, they’re more giving, and so the vibes are different. It’s also important to remember that you’re talking to people around the world, in different time zones, so you have to learn about those demographics too.

For those in the camming world who feel like things have gone a bit stale, and they’re out of ideas, what do you recommend they do right now? 

It’s important to remember that everyone’s a star in their own right. You have to find that one thing that makes you feel the best at what you’re doing. Once you’ve found it, just stick to it, because that’s what you do and you love it. That will always show up authentically. If you have to force yourself into something you’re not really comfortable with, you’re not going to last. Just do something you really enjoy. It will keep both you and your viewers excited.

We’ve all been there – you open your cam window and find out from the chat that you have no picture, or no sound. What do you do about refreshing technology? 

Lately I’ve been using my phone when I’m camming, and linking it to my pc. My iPhone has a really beautiful camera, and I haven’t had to buy any mics or other external options. It’s just my phone and Macbook, and the viewers get HD footage. People don’t need to overthink their approach to this.

To round this interview off, where can people find you on the platform, when are you online, and what are your social media sites?

You can find me on CAM4 at Jeffuncutt. I’m usually on every Friday night at 9pm EST, and Sunday nights at 5pm EST. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, as well as TikTok, and all my links are listed below.


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