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From Dancer to Influencer: Skyy Knox Takes the Camming World

From Dancer to Influencer: Skyy Knox Takes the Camming World

CAM4 has alway been highly-regarded for its association with some of the hottest influencers in the industry today, including the multi-award winning superstar – Skyy Knox. The self-proclaimed exhibitionsit from Toronto, Canada is a household name and industry powerhouse, best known for being a power bottom! Skyy Knox began his career as a professionally trained dancer, where he was able to show off his talents as he traveled the world, specializing in both jazz and broadway performances. Then in 2017, the French-Canadian adonis made his industry debut into the world of porn.

He quickly rose to stardom, working with some of the hottest studios and stars in the business. His popularity has led to him being a much sought-after performer with Falcon, Cockyboys and Men.com, to name but a few.

“Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today.” Says Skyy Knox

During his time as a featured influencer here at CAM4, Skyy Knox has certainly been kept busy. As well as being a co-host representing the male creators featured on CAM4’s Happy Hour Show, he also won an opportunity to appear in the ‘Dirty Perv Week’ for Naked & Uncut at Hedonism 2 in Jamaica. Skyy Knox is also one of the main individuals featured alongside some of the hottest adult talent on the reality TV show, Below Deck: Down Under.

Having been let loose on-board the luxury yacht, he was joined by fellow content creators to showcase their experiences as part of CAM4’s ‘Beyond The Deck’ events. Click here to find out all about the adventures of SkyyKnox and his fellow CAM4 creators, including exclusive interviews with each of them about their time on board. This is your chance to be mesmerized by the electrifying presence of Skyy Knox, seeing him as you’ve never seen him before – up close and personal – live here on CAM4. 

CAM4 recently interviewed SkyyKnox

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your time with CAM4.

Hello guys, It’s me SkyyKnox, your CAM4 influencer and host of Happy Hour. Make that co-host with the amazing Laura Desiree. I have been a happy creator here on CAM4 for over a year now, I can’t believe I’m in my second year already – can you believe it? I started at the bottom, and now we’re here hosting for the company. CAM4 – Love You!

In this interview we want to talk about diversity. You’re a huge advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and having a full representation of the human population on a platform like CAM4. Can you tell us what diversity means to you, and if you had a definition for it, what does it mean in the camming sphere?

When it comes to camming, diversity is definitely important. And you’re right, I do push for it, because diversity means it is for everyone. Every single person is welcome no matter what. We are tired of people being pushed to the side and overlooked, and that needs to stop.

How does a platform like CAM4 benefit from having diversity in their creators?

A platform benefits from diversity, because you get a little bit of everything. Some days you want one thing, where the next day you want something completely different. And so, if you have that diverse ‘menu’, then you have a whole choice before you.

And for the general public, the people that tune into the website and explore all of the available cams, what’s the benefit that they get from seeing a diverse representation of creators?

When a viewer logs on to CAM4, they begin with the homepage, and there are a number of cams available. Under the hashtags you will find lots of different shows, which means many different diverse shows – so you are in for a treat on CAM4. As a viewer, you get to choose what you want to look at, and who you want to interact with. So, a viewer and diversity is a match made in heaven. They get what they want, and that makes them happy.

This experience of jumping on a live cam and interacting with a live audience, we’re saying that it’s for everyone. Would you agree with that, and can you elaborate on how this is something that’s accessible to every single person?

Camming is definitely accessible for every single person, all you need is a streaming device. Whether it be a computer or a phone, most people have these things. A lot of people think that streaming on CAM4 might only be for sex workers – No! You could probably be a person who is sitting at an office desk, doing some boring job right now, and then at night you go home, turn on your camera and become this whole new sexual being. You go from daytime at the office to night hooker!

We are on this platform to share ourselves authentically. What’s the importance of that, and why does that matter? Because this is for everyone, and if everyone’s sharing their story, what do we see happen in the exchange of being a viewer and being a creator?

What we see with being your true authentic self is growth in our community, growth in sex workers and how they are looked at. I am a sex worker and I have been for over six years now, and the way people sometimes look at me is unkind..  They think I’m nothing but a cheap slut. But I live one of the most simple lives these days. I like to be home, chilled, watching TV, you know, and so you feel it in your shows. If you can just be your authentic self, that realism will translate through the screen, and the word will spread that sex workers are human beings too.

Where can people find you, tell us everything we need to know.

Well, you can catch me on CAM4 every Monday morning from 10:00 am till 12:00 noon, every Wednesday (hump-day) from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and that’s all in Eastern Standard Time. And you can follow me on my Twitter and my Instagram – see below for links.

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