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BusymanTM: Championing Model Support with Enthusiasm and Passion

BusymanTM: Championing Model Support with Enthusiasm and Passion

When it comes to the wonderful world of camming, there are few creators out there who spend as much of their time supporting other models, as they do being creative themselves. This is never more true than with one of the producers of CAM4’s Happy Hour Show – BusymanTM. Styled as a male cam creator with a big dick, his passion for sharing and performing from lots of fun locations is legendary. Whether it’s getting naked, working out, or just chilling with his bass guitar, BusymanTM sure has an incredible technique of drawing you in, and then leaving you yearning for more.

One of BusymanTM’s biggest pleasures is devoting time to helping other creators, especially to avoid learning the world of camming the hard way, particularly with all the technology that is needed. As well as reaching out to fellow creators to point them in the right direction, or just being a sounding board for them to converse with, he also gives coaching sessions on the technical side of camming, such as software like OBS.

In addition to coaching, BusymanTM can often be found joining other crazy-fun creators on bi-monthly podcasts, talking about camming news and giving opinions to support others. However, be warned, those presenting the podcasts can be fairly blunt, and they’ve even been known to call out anyone who takes advantage of creators!

Fun Fact: BusymanTM would love to have sex with Annie Lennox, quoting that she has an “Amazing smile and wild eyes!”

Having lost co-workers, as well as friends and family, to cancer, BusymanTM has set out on a mission to raise money for the cause, linked to his world as an adult content creator. A portion of the tips he earns from his shows goes to prostate cancer research, via a highly-rated charity. So one thing’s for sure, whenever you are enjoying one of BusymanTM’s shows, you’ll know that he’s not just entertaining you, but also doing his bit for a good cause.


CAM4 recently interviewed BusymanTM

Read below or watch the interview to gain more insight:

Please let us know who you are, how long you’ve been on the platform, and a little bit about your experience with CAM4.

I’m BusymanTM, but you can also call me Greg. I’ve been on CAM4 for a while, I think I started in 2014 or something around that time, so almost ten years here. And you know it was kind of just an accident. I was looking around for different communities, and I was just struck by how tight the CAM4 community was. I think part of that was just because it started in a non-commercial space, just to create a community. And that obviously has bled over into the regular commercial aspects of it as well.

On the subject of care, be it self-care as an independent navigating this business, or  care for the camming community, how does it impact your relationship to the community, and also your relationship to self?

I think it started a lot with just the impact that camming has had on me personally. You know, especially with guys, we tend to hold a lot in and I had some early trauma in my life, and I didn’t want to talk about it with anybody – I never talked about it with anybody. It was really the opening of sex work in general, and people being much more open to talk about subjects that make others uncomfortable, that opened up a whole bunch of conversations. And then I started coming to therapy and it was amazing.

I credit the CAM4 community for being able to have open conversations, without a whole lot of stigma and judgment and all that. So whether you’re going to be a full time cammer, or you’re just trying it out, it’s really amazing. And I’ve always told people, if you don’t want to make it a career, that’s fine. But you learn a lot about yourself and about human sexuality, just by going on cam, and seeing the interaction. You probably only just need to do it once, and that might be a lot for some people. They would see it as a nightmare to get naked in front of a lot of other people. Of course you don’t have to get naked, but just that level of opening up is pretty transforming.

Honing in specifically on self-care. Is it an ongoing effort that you need to make, and what does your self-care look like?

So for me, I usually measure care by how anxious I am to get on cam, usually. And this isn’t just guys. If you’re a creator, whether you’re a cam creator or an actor, if you’re not looking forward to doing your job, and getting out there, then that’s usually the first clue that maybe you’ve got some stress going on that you should deal with. For me that’s how much I’m looking forward to being on Cam, whether or not I’m getting naked. But just the ability to reach out and have conversations and connect with others in the community.

And so when I’m not into it, it’s definitely a clue to back-up, and maybe I need to do a little more self-care for me. Now for me, that’s playing music, that’s going for a long run. I do a bunch of marathons every year, and so that’s really my drug to keep me balanced and grounded. And there’s just no time to feel anxious about your world if you’re out doing a long run out in the woods or somewhere.

How can we do better at caring for the people that also make up this world of camming?

Obviously, that’s a big question, and I think it just really starts with people in your world talking about trauma earlier. Especially for men, there’s a huge reluctance, and part of it is just the level of stigma around trauma and abuse and opening up. Now some of that is as a community, as a circle of friends or coworkers, it’s looking for changes in behavior of someone as a clue. If they’re not coming to meetings, or they’re coming in late to things, it’s really a good indication that there’s something going wrong. So paying attention to friends and coworkers, and even families, in general behavior. It doesn’t take too much prompting to say “hey, what’s going on with you these days,” and just opening up. A lot of times people are very willing, but they also want to know that the other person wants to hear them. 

Give us three bullet points of what BusymanTM cares about when it comes to camming, even knowing how broad and expansive it is to say, what are the three things that you care about?

Well, certainly one of them is having people open up. You know, I’ve talked about it before, that probably a good third of my customers are straight guys that are bi-curious, but extremely paranoid. They’re anxious about someone discovering that they may be curious, and even to the point of asking when we’re in private – “is anybody monitoring this chat?” It’s like, you’re anonymous. But it’s not just them, that’s society as a whole. And so I love to be able to help them open up and explore. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to go out and have sex with a whole bunch of guys. It just means they have these inner thoughts that they’re paranoid about, even about opening up to their partners. So if I can help start that conversation, and they say, “hey I’ve been thinking about this more and more.” And for a couple of them, we actually did some role play where they talked to their partner about it. So, that’s certainly one of them.

Another is that there’s a lot of discussion over the past five or six years specifically around sex work and the stigma that’s on that. And you know, how it’s sort of been a target of various groups. And so destigmatizing that to say, this is just another job, you’re not going to get rich just turning on your cam and watching the money come in. And so these people are working as hard or even harder than a lot of others, so they shouldn’t have to block it out on their resume or change what they’ve done, because there’s a lot that they do. I look at a lot of the other cameras and it’s an amazing amount of stuff that you have to do. It’s like five jobs in one, as far as community management, sales management, marketing, you’re basically running a small business. And so there’s a lot to be learned there, just from a skills perspective. A lot of times cam creators don’t realize how many skills are transferable to other things. They’re doing marketing every day and not realizing it. So that would be the second one.

The passion you speak about in just being a creator is quite profound.

Yeah, absolutely, and I’d say that is the third. There is something that is hard to explain to people that haven’t done it, about what I guess I would call being the bonfire. Where you’re at the point in the middle of the show, and you’re channeling the entire chat room. Whether they’re tipping or just cheering, you’re channeling all of their excitement and energy. And if you have a sexual climax, that’s great. But just channeling that and seeing that feedback of them getting excited, and it’s all together, and it’s not an ego thing as much as it’s just an amazing experience to open up. To share yourself that way, in that level of detail and intimacy with so many people all at once, and see their reaction. That’s an amazing experience and it’s hard to explain to people that haven’t gone through it.

Could you let everyone know when you broadcast and where to find you on CAM4?

I am on CAM4 usually once a day, either early in the morning at a gym, or late at night playing my bass at a bar, and it’s hit or miss over the weekends. But usually one of the two. If you follow me, BusymanTM on CAM4, you can definitely get prompts for when I’m on.



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