At 21 years old Marcus, (Marcuss_1) is quickly becoming a fan favorite amongst CAM4 viewers and is representing the trans community by shedding light to other transfolk who are interested in camming.  Known as the newest and sexiest FTM trans performer, Marcus is rapidly gaining a slew of loyal followers.  His Colombian roots, passion for motorcycles, and sensitive G-Spot gives this Scorpio an edge that keep the people coming back for more!

CAM4 sat down with Marcus for an exclusive conversation about trans visibility in the adult community, what brands can do to help more trans performers gain notoriety, and what it means to garner such an incredible fanbase through the CAM4 platform.  His courageous, dedicated, and hardworking approach has allowed Marcus to gain opportunities in front and behind the camera.  He is passionate about his viewers and wants to ensure that each person watching his shows feel comfortable and intimately entertained.

CAM4 has generated big positive changes in my life,” says Marcus.  “They’ve allowed me to shine with PRIDE, earn money, and have a great time doing so. I’m very happy because of this. I’ve been able to fulfill many goals that a while back seemed terribly distant.”

Having started his journey just two years ago, Marcus is taking ownership and full control over his life and encouraging others to do the same.  He believes fear and shame can hinder a person trying to reach their goals and experiencing life to the fullest.


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When did you start camming and why did you decide to start camming?

I’ve been broadcasting for over 5 months now. I used to live in a very small town where not much happened and things were a bit slow.  Longing to explore the world and have new experiences, I decided to move to a city (which is where I currently live).  I made some close friends and one of them suggested camming.  I had some initial fears prior to starting but still wanted to give it a try.  It sounded interesting.   I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed it.   I managed to make some great money and have been continuing to cam ever since.


For those who may not be familiar with the many incredible Transgender performers out there, how can we better educate fans, viewers, and people and how can a brand represent the transgender community further?

Most people know and recognize trans girls, but us trans guys are not as visible. We are identified by the acronym FTM (Female to Male). Nowadays this is often used as a hashtag on social networks too. Brands and platforms (similar to CAM4) can help the trans community by providing equally ample and generous space for trans folk and cisfolks. Creating an open and safe space for users to find or discover trans folk (be they male, female o inter) is a great step in supporting our community.


People have a lot of assumptions about camming, what’s one myth that you’ve found to be totally wrong?

THAT IT IS EASY MONEY! This is simply not true! Camming takes time, courage, dedication, and a lot of perseverance.  I have put in a lot of work and have taken the time to grow my fans and viewers.   Being on camera everyday requires a great attitude and some days this can be challenging.  It is important to be approachable and show the viewers that you are nice, kind, and sexy.


How has your experience with CAM4 been so far as a performer?

My experience with CAM4 has been very gratifying. The first days I felt very ashamed and fearful, but as time passed, I gained confidence, and started finding it pleasurable. I have many frequent users who are very nice, and who always come to my room to give me their compliments, which is probably the most fun part of it all.


How would you describe your CAM4 shows and what do you like most about your fans and viewers who watch your shows?

I describe my CAM4 shows as a party where everybody gets in and they can interact with each other. Some users are already good friends of mine, while many others are daily new visitors to my room that I enjoy meeting. I have many different types of viewers.   Some want to listen to music while others are more daring, dance, and play, LOL!

What matters most is that each visitor to my show has a great time and feels extremely comfortable. This starts with a good greeting, hot moments throughout the party, and a bunch of toys to entertain with.


What is one way that CAM4 has positively influenced your life?

CAM4 has influenced my life in a very positive way: it is a project that I devote a lot of time to, and I am very grateful for how fruitful my dedication and efforts in it have been. CAM4 has generated big positive changes in my life, allowing me to shine with PRIDE, earn money, and have a great time. I’m very happy because of all of this.

What makes you cum the quickest and really turns you on?

I have a very sensitive clitoris… we can start with that! I love oral sex, and my favorite position is 69. I get turned on a lot by sportswear, and I use this type of clothing in my gym shows very often.  When somebody finds my G-Spot, they can make me cum very easily and quick!


Is there a specific emerging genre or fetish that has you extra curious?

Many users have asked me if I’d be interested in fucking them with a strap-on. At first, I found it funny, but after giving it a thought, the idea grew on me. Nowadays, pegging is a new fantasy I have that I consider really hot… Any volunteers?


How was your experience in the post pandemic world? Has the pandemic changed your CAM4 shows in any way?  

I started broadcasting during the pandemic, so as all the turmoil happened, I was finding the webcam industry as an opportunity to have a fun time while also earning money from home. I consider myself very lucky because during this tumultuous time, I managed to fulfill many goals that a while back seemed terribly distant.


What is the best advice you have for other transgender performers wanting to start a career in the cam community?

My number one tip for transfolk who want to get started in the webcam industry is: give it a try! In our times, we are owners and responsible of our own choices, and submitting to fear or shame can slow you down from achieving your goals. There’s a whole world of opportunities out there, full of fascinating people who want to know us, help us, and have a great time with us!




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