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CAM4 Performer Interview: AshlandXXX

CAM4 Performer Interview: AshlandXXX

Are you ready to GoGo see our new CAM4 fave?!

AshlandXXX is not only one of our SEXIEST gay performers on CAM4, he’s also a dancer AND an author! What can’t this dreamboat do?

Want to know more about AshlandXXX and what he loves about camming!? Check out his interview below!





Tell us about yourself!

My name is Ashland, formerly known as GoGo Stephen. I currently reside in the sunny state of Florida. While I have only been doing Gay Adult Film since June 2018, I have been working as a Male Entertainer in Gay Night Life since October 2007. Over the last eleven years I have worked as a Stripper, Go-Go Dancer, Circuit Performer, Boylesque Performer,  Drag Queen, and have been a contestant to several Male Pageant Competitions.

I am also a published author. I am working on my first novel series called “The Race To Self Identity” which tells my personal life story. The first book was published December 2016 and is called “The Race.”

Why did you decide to start camming on CAM4?

I decided to start camming on CAM4 because in a way camming gives me the ability to have power over what I do sexually. I feel safe to be myself and safe to explore new things without having the fear of being triggered to childhood memories. Above all that, I get to entertain the way I want to and make money doing it.

Do you have any kinks, fantasies or fetishes?

As a top I LOVE putting my arm inside of an ass hole.. So I am a Fisting Top!
I hold the motto “Spitters are quitters” to be true. I enjoy swallowing. Public Sex for me is so incredibly hot.




What’s the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?
The most bizarre request, which I could not stop laughing long enough to even attempt, was to pass gas as loudly as I could.

If you could cam with anyone on CAM4, who would it be?

If I could do a cam show with anyone on CAM4 I would choose Brent Everett because he was the first porn star I ever watched when I was 10 or 11 and his confidence made me confident, even if it was for a split second.

Tell us about the best/craziest sex you ever had.

The craziest sex I ever had was with my Ex and this random guy in Montreal who is incredibly sexy! They are probably the reason I went from being a Vers Top to being a Vers Bottom.




What are your favorite sex positions/or toys?

Toys I am still experimenting with. I have 8 dildos, a couple I haven’t been able to take yet. I like butt plugs but the lube dries out to fast and they become uncomfortable pretty quick. I absolutely love masks (that might be a fetish and not a toy). My favorite position is a tie between Doggy and what I call the Penguin (when your face down ass up and holding your ass open).

What do you do when you’re not camming?

Writing, Running, Working out, making content for my subscription based sites. And I travel 60% of the year dancing.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? Will you still be camming?

Why wouldn’t I be camming? A few years from now is something I don’t tend to look at. I, of course, have goals I want to achieve like finishing my novel series and having enough money to buy my first home. But as far as what I do for work or play I allow those things to come into my life as they will because things have the habit of happening when you least expect them to.

What advice would you give to a CAM4 newbie?

I kind of am a CAM4 newbie still, but the best advice I could give is to always be 100% true to who you are, be honest, be kind, be yourself, and be smart about when, where, and with who. Happy Camming.



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