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UPDATED: Top Sex Positions for Gay Couples

UPDATED: Top Sex Positions for Gay Couples

Forget the same old routine – trying new positions is a good way to maintain the passion in your couple! Want to add some sparks in the bedroom (or the bathroom, the couch, etc.) see some interesting positions for gay couples (and read our last Top 5 Sex Positions here!):


A popular sex position within the gay community is the Rusty Trombone (and no, there are virtually no musical instruments involved in this position). In this position, the receiver gets on all fours while the giver gives him analingus. Using a free hand, the giver masturbates his partner as he performs backdoor oral sex.

Many gay men (and yes, straight men) love this sex position. Just remember to clean yourself before trying it!


In my opinion the most underrated sex position, even if it is the most popular among straight couples! Yes, gay men can have missionary sex, too. Missionary among gay men will require the “bottom” man to tilt his hips upwards a lot more than what a woman would have to do in the same position. The “top” guy will penetrate in a similar way, but might find it a bit easier to get the right angle by having his lover’s legs rest on his shoulders.  It’s easy, gentle, and you get to be face-to-face with your hot, sweaty partner!


Want to get that deep penetration? The Knee Up position is the one for you! This easy positions has the receiver laying on their back with their knees tucked into his chest while his giver penetrates. This is a great position for flexible guys who want a deeper penetration 😉

4. 69

Sure, this might seem like a vanilla sex position, but it’s a favourite for many reasons! With the 69, the pleasure is mutual for every couple – gay, straight, etc. You’re both the giver AND the receiver (and who said responsibilities aren’t sexy?!)

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