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CAM4 Performer Interview: SlutBoy210

CAM4 Performer Interview: SlutBoy210

Most people are afraid or ashamed to be called a slut, but this performer embraces it. Slutboy210 likes to embrace his inner slut and own it!

Tell us a bit about yourself

SlutBoy210: About me. Well I can’t tell you my real name but I can tell you I’m named after the main character of a very famous Christmas movie. I guess you could technically consider the movie and myself a one of a kind.

What is your daily routine?

Slutboy210: My daily routine consists of a very backwards sleeping schedule, taking care of a crazy hyper dog, meditation, school work, playing with my dick about 3 or 7 times, and checking in with all my follows on CAM4 to make sure they’re doing alright.


Slutboy210 03


What type of cam shows excite you the most?

Slutboy210: I consider CAM4 a place to keep in touch with long distance friends, so a lot of my cam shows consist of normal everyday conversing. It also makes my good and eventful shows that much more exciting. I enjoy cam shows that include sexy guys with big dicks that like to tell me what to do and reward me for it. Dominance and positive reinforcement really turns me on.

Your username is SlutBoy210, What does the word “Slut” mean to you

Slutboy210: The word slut to me is a lifestyle. Not a negative one as most would think. What do you call someone that is open minded and enjoys casual sex on a regular basis? A slut. It’s only bad if you deny it, if you acknowledge it and own it then the only thing others can do is encourage you to be the best slut you can be. (At least mine do).


Slutboy210 08


Have you always been a sexual person growing up?

Slutboy210: Growing up I was fascinated with the process of getting a boner. I lost my virginity at 13 with a girl and my guy virginity at 15 with one of my teachers. So I would say I have always been a sexual person. Now-a-days I really haven’t changed.

What’s your favorite toy to use and why?

Slutboy210: My favorite toy to use would definitely have to be my Fuck Machine. More times than not it has proven that it is way more reliable and can do a better job at getting me off than most tops in my area.

Do you prefer to do solo shows, or do you enjoy having people on with you?

Slutboy210: I prefer performing with other people, it keeps things interested. However I also enjoy my solo shows for catching up and there are a lot of things I will do in private that I would not do if I was camming with others.


Slutboy210 10


Other than camming, what types of things do you like to do?

Slutboy210: Other than camming, I’m a very unique person mostly because of the Pisces in me. I practice metaphysical alternatives such as herbal remedies, I’m a certified crystal healer, meditation, massages, finding mindfulness, keeping myself in sync with the universe, and expanding my knowledge. I go to school full-time with the hopes of ending up with a title of Clinical Hypnotist. Oh I like to charm the cute boys too, like cook them dinner and bottom like a pornstar for them, so they never forget me.

If you were a drag queen, what would your name be, and what would be your signature lip sync song?

Slutboy210:If I were to be a drag queen my name would be Ms. Lind-Z Lushh and my go to lip sync song would have to be Piece of Me by Britney Spears. 


Slutboy210 09

How big is your dick?

Slutboy210: My dick is pretty great so I’ve heard. It’s usually around 7 but if I try really hard I can get it amped up to. About 7.5.


Slutboy210 07


Are there any specific fetishes that turn you on?

Slutboy210: As far as fetishes go, I love love love leather. All and any leather. Harnesses, pants, jackets, suits. Fuck. Leather. And bareback. Daddy/son role playing. Anything taboo, bring it on.

If you could have an orgy with any 5 superheroes, who would it be and why?

Slutboy210: If I could go to Pound Town with 5 superheroes, it would have to be Iron Man, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America, and I would be the bottom and only bottom.

Since you started camming, is there anything you haven’t done  that you would like to try?

Slutboy210: Since I’ve started camming the one and only thing I haven’t done which coincidentally happens to be a fantasy is to be the only bottom in a bareback gangbang. Like a Timfuck Gangbang. That kind of porn is the golden ticket to make me erupt.


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