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CAM4 Performer Interview: Psguyvers

CAM4 Performer Interview: Psguyvers


He’s one of the SEXIEST (and smartest) guys on CAM4, and he’s ready to bare all in his exclusive interview with CAM4! What does Psguyvers have to say about camming, sex and threesomes? Check out his answers down below!




Why did you decide to start camming?

I’ve always been turned on through Voyeurism/Exhibitionism. The World Wide Web and Chat Platforms, such as CAM4, have that fantasy immensely accessible.

When dating do you tell people about you camming?

So far I haven’t had to. Most likely we probably met online and have seen each other on cam already.

What’s the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?

I was asked if I would be open to inviting an individual to my home and having him sleep outside or in a kennel for a weekend with no safe word and total abuse and debauchery. Not a bizarre request by any stretch of the imagination, but a first for me reviving such request. I’m still considering it.

Do you think you can become better at sex by watching porn?

I think that you can become enlightened or aware of sex and it’s multifaceted parts, but no. You become better at sex through experience and an open mind.




What makes you cum the quickest?

Eating a hot ass and deep throating a hard cock until I get a huge load down my throat.

Tell us about the best sex you ever had.

My partner has been very patient with me and opened my mind and body to experiencing out of this world orgasms and sensuality.

Have you ever had a 3some? If so, how did it happen?

No, but I’ve always wanted to find myself in one. I didn’t move in many social circles made up of gay men. So, the opportunity never arrived or I was oblivious as it walked by.

What dream in life do you have?

I dream that some day those of us that suffer from negative self-talk, depression, anxiety and substance abuse will not feel so stigmatized, or shamed. This human condition is very complicated and convoluted and some of us turn to options for coping that can and usually do exacerbate the underlying issue. Our nation and the globe need to come together as a community and validate all these sufferings that every human has and goes through. Suffering is our common bond.

When not camming what are some of your hobbies?

I play the piano, meddle in some arts and crafts and get outside for a bike ride, sex or any other extracurricular activity.




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Twitter: @WildPSringS


Snapchat: Cam4gay
Twitter: @cam4_gay
Instagram: @cam4gay



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