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Performer Interview: OdisonA

Performer Interview: OdisonA

He’s our own Cam THOR and he’s been saving us all on CAM4! Break-out performer, OdisonA, is only a CAM4 newbie, but he’s been one of the most talked-about performers we’ve seen this year! What else do you need to know about OdisonA (and his HUGE hammer?!) Check out his performer interview below!




1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m just an average gym rat who enjoys a good time with family and friends. I like to entertain them when I get the chance. I like being a person who’s hard to forget.

2. When/why did you decide to start camming ?

I decided to cam at the 2018 Chicago Exxxotica Expo when I was setting up the ball pit for CAM4. The guys there started calling me Thor and said I’d be perfect for camming. I’ve always wanted to do porn, so here we are having a go at it.

3. Does having a predominately gay male audience ever become challenging ?

“I’m straight with no hate” like I tell my viewers. So it’s been a lot easier than I thought. Everyone has been very kind and flattering so far. Plus I learned that I do have a pretty nice dick haha!

4. Do you have any kinks, fantasies or fetishes ?

Well one of my biggest fantasies is group sex, I love the idea of a group of women treating me like a god. I recently learned I really like being tied up. I have the vids to prove it hahaha!!! I think I have a pretty common fetish for big butts. I’m hoping to expand that field.




5. How often do you get compared to a certain superhero …you know, the one with the giant hammer ?

At least once a show I’ll be called Thor! I love it so much! My fans also love me throwing down my big hammer! I’ve been getting Aqua Man a lot too. I never knew until I started with CAM4.

6. What are your favorite sex positions / or toys ?

My favorite position changes daily. I love being rode but it turns into a rodeo because I love to be in control, so doggy has always been right there as well.

7. What is your wildest sexual encounter ?

It’s so hard to say there have been so many wild experiences from blumpkins, both kinds of threesomes, to quickies in public or dance floors.




8. If you could work with any porn star, who with it be and why?

I’d like to work with Nikki Delano. She had some really good advice for me about camming the day I signed up with Johnny Diamond. She was super sweet when we spoke and she’s smoking hot with a great ass. I feel like I would have CUM full circle.

9. What is the strangest request you have had from viewer?

I feel like I haven’t had anything I wasn’t expecting yet. I’m hoping I get something soon that throws me off so I can answer this better.

10. Where do you see yourself camming a year from now ?

I see myself in a Thor suit on CAM4 with my costar/girlfriend. She had this idea long before I was found and couldn’t imagine not having her in half my shows.


Want to see more of OdisonA and his hammer?! Check him out on CAM4! And make sure to follow him on Twitter!



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