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CAM4 Performer Interview: Tyler Dallas

CAM4 Performer Interview: Tyler Dallas

Tyler Dallas  is one of CAM4’s rising cam stars this year! This hot, southern man loves to show off on cam with his wife, Haighlee Dallas, and he’s not afraid to let it all hang out for the fellas 😉

Tyler’s next show will be on December 7 at 4pm MT and 6pm EST!


1. Tell me a bit about yourself!

My name is Tyler Dallas I’m 27 years old and I’m originally from Louisiana. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Haighlee Dallas, and together we make porn and cam Lol. We sometimes cam together but mostly cam individually and make tons of homemade videos and post them on Pornhub. (username: Ourdirtylilsecret) I like being outside or on my motorcycle when the weather is right. I live in Colorado now and love it here.

2. What did you do before camming?

Before I ever started camming I was working in the construction field. I worked for a concrete company’s in the summers and would work doing painting and flooring in the winters. Not the funnest jobs in the world lol.

3. What made you decide to start filming yourself having sex?

The first time I decided to film myself having sex was probably just for the curiosity of watching myself have sex, but I loved watching it later on and the thought that I had a sex tape was hot to me.


4. How long have you and Haighlee been together, and how did you. guys start camming?

Me and Haighlee have been together for about 7 years and have been married for 2 years. Before me and Haighlee ever got together we were both camming secretly for play money on the side no one knew. After about two months of us dating, she confessed to me that she use to be a webcam model and that she had to tell me and I decided to tell her my big secret that I was a webcam model as well. After that, we knew we were meant for each other.

5. Is there something that you guys haven’t tried, that you would like to?

We have done a lot of our fantasies already lol but there is definitely always more to cum Lol. We would both love to go to a nude resort or a nudist camp for a weekend and get the feeling of being able to walk around all day naked sounds so fun and exciting.

6. How do you concentrate on your video games while getting a blowjob? Is it hard?

I am never able to concentrate when my wife decides to start sucking my cock while I’m playing video games, I think that’s why she likes doing it to me. She knows the closer I get to cumming the more distracted I become.


7. How do you get into the mindset before you start broadcasting? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Hmmm I think my pre cam ritual is probably making myself a cup of coffee and making sure my cam station is all ready to go.Sometimes I spray myself with body spray even tho I know that no one can smell me but me Lol. Maybe it’s a good luck thing.

8. Being a straight male, was it hard at first to jerk off on cam knowing that guys were watching you?

It never really bothered me being straight that guys were checking me out. I’m a very open-minded person and very laid back kind of personality. I’ve always been the guys that have friends everyone and kinda just loves everyone.

9. If you could eat any food off someone, what would it be?

Well, my favorite food is Gumbo but that wouldn’t be very fun to eat off of someone Lol so I would have to say fruit. I love fruit. I could seriously just live off of fruit.

10. How big is your dick?TYLERDALLAS2

I’m about 7 inches when I’m fully hard I’m thick too.

11. Have you ever had your prostate played with? If yes, did you enjoy it? And if not, is it something you’re willing to try?

I enjoy camming because its always exciting and I love chatting with people on cam.

It’s a turn on for me knowing that people are watching me and are also turned on. It’s an all around a fun experience.

12. If you could do a show with anyone in the world, alive or dead; who would it be and why?

I would have to do a show with Mila Kunis and my wife, It would be the greatest threesome of ALL time. Because I think she would be a super hot Dominatrix lol.


Make sure to watch Tyler’s show tomorrow on CAM4, and follow his official Twitter page!





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