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CAM4 Performer Interview: CloudyBiCali

CAM4 Performer Interview: CloudyBiCali

This week, we’re moving from the South to the West Coast and talking to the California beach boy who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, CloudyBiCali! What else is there to know about this performer, other than the fact that he’s horny “all the time,” has a hot foot fetish and an 8 inch dick? You’ll have to read more of his juicy interview to find out!


1. Tell me a bit about yourself
Hey everyone my name is Dj and I’m a bisexual married man from Southern California. I’m a hard working guy and a family man, and I have a passion for playing the guitar and making music, I also have a fascination with all kinds of porn especially amateur because it’s real everyday people like your co-worker, your neighbors, someone you never thought would have a video or pictures. I’m a very sexual person and and always have been. I’m the first person naked in a group setting and I don’t really care who knows what about my sexuality.

2. What did you do before camming?
Before camming I was and am currently still a production supervisor/machinist in Buena Park Ca. and have been for the past 12 years. I’ve been on several other sites posting pictures and uploading videos over the years because I get turned on when others see me naked and they get horny. My wife actually found CAM4 and said I should try it and I laughed and replied “No one is gonna be interested in me doing a cam show LOL,” but I tried it out and got positive results almost instantly. After 3 shows I started noticing a lot of the same people were coming back and was shocked but excited because I was doing something to turn these people on and made them want to come back.

3.  Do you still have to find time to jerk off when you’re not on cam?
I do still find time to jerk off when not camming. I’m horny all the time and whether by myself, with my wife or someone else, I’ve had some of the hottest experiences I have ever had just jerking off. I’ve been with someone watching videos and talking dirty and were both jacking off and had intense orgasms and there was never any actual intercourse. I also like public settings, where you could get caught but the flip side to that is you could catch someone watching who’s doing the same thing and watching you.

20171201_064223_polarr4.  What is it about feet that turns you on?
What is about feet that turn me on? Since I was younger I have had a foot fetish and I guess with any fetish it’s difficult to explain because for everyone its different even if they share the same fetish. Most people assume that it has something to do with size and for me that’s not it at all. Its a culmination of several things but the biggest thing that sets it in motion is pink soles. It sounds weird but when I see pink soles I start getting turned on and so I start looking for the other factors like uniform toes, the natural curves of the foot, and the arches. I’m getting wood just talking about it and my wife is the winner because I’m always offering foot rubs. When I come across someone who has what I’am looking for, I get super turned on and before you know it I’m licking, sucking and rubbing all over them. It’s not specific to women or men it’s just…feet.

5.  How do you balance being married and a performer on cam?
Balancing being a performer on cam and being married is not difficult for me, it may be for others I don’t know, but my wife knows I do this and has even joined me for some cam shows. I’m not a porn star and I don’t try to act like one, Im the same on cam as I am off cam. Im no different than the people watching me and I always remember that. There are days where the wife wants me to herself and I won’t cam or maybe I’ll cam later after we have had our time together.

6.  What type of cam shows excite you the most?
The cam shows that excite me the most are the ones where the person or persons on cam are truly having fun and there is a genuine interaction with their viewers. I think if you’re just in it for the tokens the viewers pick up on that and they become uninterested. If you’re being yourself you’re going to gain viewers who keep coming back because you’re exciting to watch, your real, and you get them involved, Those are the shows that excite me the most, when you’re on cam getting off and your audience is a part of why you’re getting off and they’re getting off….it’s electric.

7.  What are the challenges you’ve faced as a performer?
The challenges I’ve faced as a performer….there really havent been any. If I had to say anything I guess it’s the rude people that come into your room and start demanding that you do this or that. I’m pretty polite about things and before silencing or banning anyone I try to talk to whoever it is being rude or demanding and let them know that we’re all here to have fun and if they want to be apart of that then they are welcome, but if they want to be rude then they can leave because no one made them come in the room and they won’t get what they are asking for. This works 9 out of 10 times and then the issue is done. I have a great following and a lot of my viewers are regulars and I’ve built some solid friendships with them and they can be very protective so situations rarely arise. I also talk with my moderators and let them know to try and talk the situation out before issuing any silence or bans and they all communicate with me as well before any actions and it works.

8.  How does being a performer make you feel, has it boosted your confidence? If so, how?
I like being on cam because it allows me to share my sexuality with others and it turns me on because there’s other people out there who feel like I do all the time and are thinking what I’m thinking. I think as humans we are constantly searching for acceptance and to know that it’s OK to feel how you feel especially when it comes to sex. People who used to hide their interests for fear of being laughed at or looked down on are now finding other people into what they like and that’s awesome because CAM4 is part of that right now. I’ve always been a confident person and at the end of the day I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t have haters only fans in denial LOL. Your viewers certainly can help raise your level of confidence which makes you feel comfortable and ultimately allows you to open up and be you.

9.  How do you deal with trolls in your room?
How do I deal with Trolls in my room? The only Trolls I’ve encountered have been the flooder who comes into my cam show and advertise themselves and flood the room with their stats. They get silenced after 2 posts. There is no talking to them and they don’t stop. My response is always the same though – if they spent more time working on their cam show instead of going into other peoples cam show that have a higher number of viewers and advertising themselves then maybe they could be more successful. I doubt it works when they flood and most people think it’s sad and you end up looking sorry. Who wants to watch a show put on by that person?


10.  Have you measured your dick? If so, how big is it? If not, give us an educated guess.
My dick is 8 inches and cut and about an inch and a half thick.

11.  On your profile you state that you’re into whatever the person you’re with at the time is into. Have you gotten any crazy request?
I’ve had a few crazy requests some were not even sexual in nature – at least for me they were not. I have been asked to shave my head, to pee on cam, to walk outside naked. I’ve been asked if I was sent a Clone-A-Willy would I mold my dick and send it back (I totally did). I stated in my profile I can be as nasty as the person I’m playing with is and that’s true except for a few things but it takes a lot to scare me off or get me uninterested. It;s hot when someone is sharing what turns them on the most with you – it’s personal and erotic to me.

12. What do you enjoy about camming?
What I enjoy most about camming is being open sexually and having others enjoy it. It’s freeing because you get to be with other like-minded kinky, freaky fun people with no judgment. I’ve met so many awesome people and have built new friendships based on similar interest and in the end it’s about the interaction with the viewers, I have some hardcore viewers and they always make it fun to be on cam and make me want to keep doing broadcasts.

  13.  If you could do a show with anyone in the world, alive or dead; who would it be?
If I could do a cam show with anyone alive or dead…I would kill to do a cam show with my wife, Alisha Klass, and Jeff Palmer. Alisha Klass is a former porn star who was amazing to watch. You could tell in all of her movies she was genuinely having fun and her orgasms were not faked. She has always been my favorite actress since I first saw her in “Knocking on Heavens Back Door.” My wife, to my enjoyment, also considers Alisha her favorite and to be able to share an interest like that with your significant other. Jeff Palmer just makes my dick hard and I love all of his “Barebacking with Jeff Palmer” movies, and would love to top him on cam especially with my wife watching as she and Alisha Klass fuck.

14. What advice would you give someone who is married and wants to try broadcasting?
The one piece of advice I would give someone who is married and wants to cam is talk about it with your partner, be open and make sure they are ok with being on cam and invite them to be apart of it. Listen to their concerns or advice and respect their feelings weather positive or negative. If your partner is not ok with it and you still decide to do it, don’t get caught and remember, you never know who might be watching. It only takes one person to recognize you and before you know it it gets back to your partner and then you got all kinds of problems

Thanks to CloudyBiCali for talking to us! Interested in what else CloudyBiCali has to say? (and show?) Check out his CAM4 page!



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