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Wes Goes Behind The Scenes With: Daniel James

Wes Goes Behind The Scenes With: Daniel James

Last week we had the pleasure of going behind the scenes with performer Daniel James for his first ever solo show on CAM4. Everything about Daniel is just so cute, and when you’re in a room with him, all you want to do smile. What makes Daniel unique, is that he’s an amateur porn star with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. When you have Cerebral Palsy it affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills.

Daniel James03The great thing about Daniel is that he doesn’t let his disability stop him from pleasing his fans. He was moving his laptop around and climbing onto his couch to give viewers a better look at his ass when requested. One of the things that makes Daniel so great, is that he is very eager to please his fans and put on a good show. When Wes arrived to the location, Daniel had everything set up and ready to go. Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.22.07 AMWes was lucky enough to sit down with him after the show, and ask him some questions:

WES: Tell us about yourself

DANIEL : ” What’s up? My name is Daniel James and I am the premier disabled male amateur pornographer, and also a recent newcomer to CAM4 as danieljamesx

WES: How did your first show go?

DANIEL: “It actually went better than expected, I was expecting to have maybe 10-20 people if I was lucky show up, but we got over 150 at one point and it felt great.  The social interaction was fantastic, people were engaged and liked to  tip. It went way better than I had expected ”

Daniel James 06WES: What was it like having Wes with you ? Did you like the one on one coaching?

DANIEL: “Having Wes Myers as the CAM4 Gay coach was really helpful because he’s there to guide you every step of the way if you have questions. He was really helpful explaining all the settings of the site to me; like dice roll and tip goals, things of that nature. Just having a member of the CAM4 team there really goes above and beyond my expectations of a cam site. You don’t get that at any other site, and having someone there to really help walk you through the process is so beneficial I can’t even put that into words. It’s way better than just sitting there and having to figure it out on your own.”

WES: How big Is your dick?

DANIEL: ” Fully erect, it’s a thick 6in”

C88Ka0zW0AApJgr.jpg-largeWES: What would you say is your best physical feature?

DANIEL: “ Probably my eyebrows, or my eyes as well, I really like that. I’ve always been told that I have a really hairy ass, and some guys really enjoy that. So I’m glad they can get off to those features.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.13.46 PMWES: When did you start masturbating?

DANIEL: : “Years ago…I was like hella young. I was probably like 8 or 9 when I discovered the dirty movie trailers on the paper view channels. I was like ooo something’s going on here…So I would always fuck around when my mom would leave, and pull up a porno and just jerk off. I was always very hypersexual, I discovered my penis at a young age and non stop every since I’ve been jackin that thing.

Daniel James07WES: What made you decide to become a cam performer 

DANIEL: “I decided to start with CAM4 because really no-one wants to work the typical 9-5 job pouring coffee or folding jeans at the mall , let’s be realistic. Being a cam model is amazing because it provides you with freedom, and that’s what everyone is searching for. You can set your hours and be your own boss. The marketing capabilities are endless, and let’s be real; who doesn’t want to get paid for jerking off? Being paid to get naked in front of other people and have people appreciate that and pay you their hard earned money for a jerk off show is amazing. It’s all about the freedom and being able to take control of your own life and work your own schedule; that’s what it’s all about”

WES: What excited you about broadcasting live?

DANIEL: “The anticipation for the request from all my fans, they always want to see me do crazy shit naked. I enjoy doing the crazy shit, whether it’s playing with my asshole or whipping my dick around. just knowing that there are people on there that appreciate you and that are looking forward to seeing your show. It’s all about the fans, the fans make it

WES: Tell us a bit about this documentary that you’re in?

DANIEL: “We spent a year filming a documentary called Sexual Being that features myself, and it’s following my career around. It also followers another female talent who’s an actress in LA, and basically the whole premise of the film was to debunk stereotype surrounding disability and sexuality. Many people believe that if you’re someone with a disability than you are asexual or you’re incapable of having sexual feeling and urges as well as being incapable of love. So we wanted to completely crush these stereotypes by following me around with a camera for a year. There’s a lot of crazy footage in there. You see me going into sex clubs, swingers parties, photo shoots, and shooting my first ever produce porno. It was really exciting because it got into the Cannes film festival which is arguably the largest festival in the world. We are also hoping to pitch to a few more festivals come the end of the year. You can check that out at sexualbeing.com”

WES: Where can people find you if they want to get in contact with you?

DANIEL: People can find me online on twitter @Ratchetb0y and they can find me on CAM4.com.danieljamesx.

Twitter: @Ratchetb0y
CAM4: danieljamesx


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