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Canadian Stud: Bknoxxx

Canadian Stud: Bknoxxx

Hello everyone;  I’m Brendon; some of you might know me from CAM4 as bknoxxx or some other online modelling.  I did start off in the adult industry working as a model and then to video(Lucas Entertainment and so on).  I am a heterosexual male; but somehow I landed into mostly male adult work.  Truth is there is more money, and also easier to get work.  Also I know exactly what we men like!  Plus a producer friend thought I had a great cumface!  Well, I’m from California; grew up in the country riding horses.  I’m a healthy person; I’m not a drug user, or into smoking and such.  I adore hiking and getting lost!  I have a keen interest in psychology; I guess that’s also a reason I started working in a human interest field.  It’s been awhile since I did a video with a company, but I would very much like to return to making videos; and one of my video stars I look up to who’s work I’m impressed with is Johnny Sins. I am working on my own website too.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on CAM4?

The “craziest” thing I’ve seen… Well nothing really.  It’s not the deep web. To some people what gets me off might seem crazy or weird, but to me it’s not.  So when I see something that’s not my cup of tea, I don’t find it crazy.  It’s just, what they like.BrendonKnox

What’s the hottest thing someone has said to you via CAM4 chat?

Well the hottest thing, well since I’m straight I’d say the immediate thing that comes right to mind; is this beautiful girl did a caps lock and said “EAT MY SHAVED PUSSY NOW! AS YOU STROKE YOUR COCK!”  I love a woman who knows what she wants and likes.

What was the one moment on CAM4 that you really knew camming was the right thing for you?

When I knew camming was right for me; it’s was very shortly after I chatted with a gentleman in his 60’s; privately.  There was no real sexual connotation to the chat; some teasing sure but mostly just polite, candid, talk.  We made a nice connection and we still chat today.  The gentleman was lonely and just wanted someone whom he thought was appealing both physically and could keep up a conversation; and I pleased him.  That made me feel good about being there.  Now in 2015, most of us venture to the internet to get some sort of comfort.

People have a lot of assumptions about camming, what’s one myth that you’ve found to be totally wrong?

The one myth about camming I’ve told people about which changed my mind, it that people think it’s all sexual.  It is not. Most of my chatting partners are actually just joining me to chat. I’ve been told a lot that I’m enjoyable to listen to: my voice, my bad jokes, and just general conversation.  I mean really, in that regard, that was what it was for me in the beginning; the adult side of it only cam into play years later.

Introduce us to your favorite sex toy for cam shows, is it the same off-cam?

I do not usually use sex toys off cam; and I don’t really have a favorite off cam.  I did once try a male sex toy that was designed like a woman, which was nice, but not as great as the real thing.  On cam, it’s usually a dildo.9881914

What’s one thing about you that we wouldn’t know just from watching your shows?

The one thing you would not know about watching my cam shows… Well since I don’t talk about it but since I will be opening up more about my adult work in a documentary coming out in the next few years; I might as well jump the gun.  The one thing you don’t know, is that I am a multi-award winning actor and filmmaker and artist-by this I don’t mean in the adult industry.  I am a main stream accomplished filmmaker/character actor/artist with over 300 projects.  Besides that I am also a trained masseur; I first started taking classes in Thai massage; but do not work in a studio; instead I do outcalls.

If you could change your CAM4 username, what would you make it?

Well, I would change my CAM4 name back to BrendonKnox; and I think bknoxx is a little pushy with the sexual thought.  See, this was my original name, but for some reason I lost my account and cannot sign back in with it; so I made the new one.

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