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How Do I Buy Videos From Performer Shops?

You can use tokens to buy homemade videos from performer shops! 

Buying videos from performer Shops is a safer, easier way to collect amateur videos from the performers you love to watch. With performer Shops, no personal information needs to be exchanged - just click the thumbnail and add it to your Library!

You can find Shops at the top of a performer's profile if they have uploaded content for sale.

performer shop


Each video has a thumbnail that gives you more information.

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1. Price - The token cost to buy the video. If this says "Free", you can add the video to your library at no cost!

2. Length - How long the video is.

3. Likes - How many likes the video has. You can only like a video once it has been purchased.

4. Views - How many times the video has been watched.

5. Information - Click this to see a longer description of the video.

6. Title - What the video is called!

7. Tags - These make the video easier to find in your library.



Once you buy a video, it gets added to your Library. Your Library can be found in your account.

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You can come back to your library any time to watch your videos!

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