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Have you tried The 77 yet?

Published 20/04/2014

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What’s the best thing about a long lazy Easter weekend (apart from the major chocolate buzz)? A whole extra day off to spend in bed having hot, sweaty, satisfying sex! So today’s blog is all about the 77, an interesting new(ish) position that all the cool kids are into right now. Let’s examine it more closely shall we?

The 77 is so-called because of the way you and your partner’s bodies lock together when you’re ‘engaged’ in the love-making process. Or fucking. That works too 😉 It’s a little bit like spooning but with an even more pleasurable twist and the position means that cock and g-spot are almost guaranteed to meet. Intrigued? Read on…

Woman lies on her side with man behind her – both facing the same direction. Woman then wraps her legs around his top leg and pulls him in close pushing her bum towards him as he enters. Once man is comfortably inside woman straightens her legs in tandem with his so that the legs are sandwiched together tightly with toes pointed. Bodies stay connected while both partners bend simultaneously at the waist and then extend the legs away from the body at a 45 degree angle. With me so far? I know it sounds a bit like a geometry lesson, but hey, anything worthwhile takes time, right? The thing about this position is that the penis hits the front vaginal wall almost head on and this is where the g-spot is located.

Now if you get this position right some women may find it a little intense to begin with and the secret to a really mind-blowing g-spot orgasm is to build up to it gently and slowly. So if needs be you should try and back off the pressure a little bit or change the angle until you’re ready to increase the intensity. And remember the g-spot and the clitoris are very closely connected so if you start to gently rub the clit while you’re getting into the groove with this position then all the better.

Don’t be put off if you don’t get things right first time with this one. It will take a bit of practice as you figure out how your bodies connect so that everyone is comfortable and the angle is just right. But it is most definitely hanging in there as a 77 orgasm is something pretty special.

Off you go and don’t forget to report back on Tuesday morning!

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