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Tips for Watching Adult Content with a Partner

Published 06/10/2015

3 tips on how a couple can enjoy watching webcam performers together, like adults.

As a couple, watching cams should be a fun, sexy experience. It’s very important to keep an open dialogue and remember you are watching them together, lots of touching and kissing is a great way to let each other know you are getting excited watching with them.

  1. Take turns choosing who to watch

This can be a real opportunity to find out something new about your partner so make sure you keep an open mind and discover something new about each other. You can ask your partner to tell you why they find that particular performer so exciting. Is it what they are wearing? What they are doing? You might even take a few ideas for yourself to surprise your partner with in the future.

  1. Find a performer who is playing out a fantasy that you and your partner have wanted to try.

This is a very sexy way to do research on something you are thinking of trying. Watching a performer will let you see your fantasy come to life, and it will also be a great way to get ideas on how to carry out your fantasy.

  1. Decide on a performer together and take them into a private chat

Once you are comfortable watching cams and are ready to really join the fun, you should take a performer into a private chat. On CAM4 you have the option to

1- Watch the performer do a sexy show for your eyes only

2- Choose to let the performer both see and hear you in real time by choosing to use the cam2cam feature. This gives you the option to do your own private show with the added excitement of having someone watch you.

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