Tipping game contest

Published 11/05/2023


From May 15th – 28st CAM4 wants you to have some extra fun with your viewers and the chance to win extra $$$… With 5 TOP Prizes up for grabs, performers who receive the most in earnings from our CAM4 GAME CENTER between May 15th – 28st will have a chance to WIN !!!

Tipping Game Prizes
1st Place:  $100
2nd Place:  $70
3rd Place:  $50
4th Place:  $30
5th Place:  $20


– Must be 2257 approved
– Must SIGN-UP via Google Form down below
– Transferring tokens between multiple accounts is NOT allowed
– Maximum number of tokens per single tipper is 6000
– Earnings must equal the prize money
– Earnings MUST be made between May 15th – 28st (EST)

Tipping Games include…. see also Performer Training article
Roll the Dice: In this game, the performer will have to set a price per roll and set up 6 prizes. The game cannot be started without all 6 options (dice faces) and a price being set.

Token Keno: In this game, the performer can set up to 12 prizes with the cost they choose. An option to be added to the game must have a prize and a cost. To start the game the performer has to click on the Start Token Keno button. Once the game is started the options cannot be edited. A chat notification will notify all users that the game is enabled.

Spin the Wheel: In this game the performer can set up a number of prizes and a price per spin. The minimum number of prizes is 6 and the maximum is 12. The broadcaster must set the price per spin and also the minimum number of prizes(6) so that the game can be started.

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