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Interview with the lovely Spittingwet

Spittingwet is the newest blue eyed hottie to hit the screens of Cam4. This big chested Australian has only been camming for a few weeks, but she’s already a hit with the fans, and it’s easy to see why! So if you’re looking for a hot young body, be sure to follow her and never miss a show.

She loves to chat and play some fun games, and if you show your appreciation, she likes nothing better than grabbing her dildos and getting down and dirty for you. And if you want a private show, she’s always happy to oblige – so make sure you drop those tokens.

Meanwhile, let’s find out more about the hot young Spittingwet as we reveal all in our latest Cam4 model interview…..

How did you come to CAM4 and what made you start camming?

What inspired me to come to cam4 was originally to try and explore my body and the things that go inside it and now that I’m here I can’t wait to take it all at once and be filled up 😉

Voyeur or exhibitionist? Do you have a preference?

My prefience would definitely be exhibitionist the reason why you ask? Because I enjoy the great need for attention I want you to make me cum all over my toys.

Do you have a favourite sex toy? Can you tell us about it?

My favourite sex toy would have to be my vibrating wand when I turn it on it’s like everything else goes away and It makes me cum so hard.

What kind of advice do you have for new performers?

Please be safe online , do not give out any personal information. Do not feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do , there will be both men and women who will make you feel overwhelmed and pressured it is your show you run it how you want to. Enjoy yourself don’t stress about how much money you will make have fun and the money will come your way in no time. Never stress about how you look , there is someone out there for everyone. Do not meet up with your customers please , sometimes they will offer you plane tickets or a certain amount of tokens to meet up with them but please don’t we want cam4 to be a safe space.

What hobby’s do you have?

I enjoy movies , shopping and late night walks on the beach, I love to collect coloured lights.

What is your favourite fetish request? Do you have fetishes yourself?

My favourite fetish would have to be you choking me, I like when you take my breath away with the tight rope around my neck and chest forcing you to cum at the thought of me.

In what way did camming have a positive effect on your life?

Camming had a very positive effect on my life and here is why. I finally found what I enjoy, something I love to do it helps me to reach my goals and also helps my audience to have their needs satisfied.

When is your favourite time to broadcast?

My favourite time to broadcast is when you are raging with cum inside of you waiting to let it all out at the sight of me and all the pleasurable things I do for you. 1am for those who are curious hehe.

What is something your viewers don’t know about you and might not expect?

I seem very innocent on the outside. I enjoy talking to people and establish a connection, I also enjoy taking them to private and seeing how much I can make them cum

What can viewers do to make you notice them?

Don’t be afraid to come get what you want , I am here to satisfy your every need.

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