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SNAP Awards – The 1 thing you wish BEFORE!

Published 27/07/2023

the 1 thing you wish you knew!

Welcome to this exclusive interview clip from the award show in London, where we asked individuals from the adult entertainment industry a thought-provoking question: “The one thing you wish you knew before starting in the adult industry.” Their candid responses shed light on the insights and experiences that have shaped their journeys in this diverse and evolving field. Join us as we explore their honest and intriguing perspectives, offering a glimpse into the realities of working in this unique and challenging industry.

Meet Estella Bathory, the fearless interviewer who fearlessly dives into the depths of curiosity, unafraid to ask the most daring and unexpected questions. With a knack for surprise and a passion for uncovering hidden gems, Estella’s interviews are always an adventure, leaving her subjects captivated and the audience intrigued. Get ready to be surprised as Estella fearlessly brings out the best, and sometimes most surprising, from those she interviews.

Make sure to tune in, there’s much more interesting to come!

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