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NEW Private Show Prices on CAM4

Published 08/03/2016

We’ve updated our Private Show prices to give you more freedom! You can now select a price range from 12 tokens to 120 tokens per minute. This gives our broadcasters more flexibility with their earnings, and gives viewers the opportunity to see more premium content.

To edit your Private Show settings, just click “Settings” in your broadcast window and set the price you wish to charge.


Private Show prices can be changed at any minute, and you can find all of the Private Shows currently live on CAM4 here. To find out how much a Private Show will cost, click “Request a Private Show” and you’ll see this pop-up


For broadcasting, make sure you check your settings at the beginning of your camshow. For example, if you’re doing a couple show you may want to set your price at a higher fee than a masturbation show.

With added freedom over Private Show pricing, there’s no reason to go private via third party websites or tools. Going private on CAM4 is seamless, easy, and safe. Which is exactly what we think pleasure should be like.

Share a private rendezvous on CAM4 today and make someone smile.

Watch Private Shows on CAM4

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