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NEW CAM4 Hottie Alert: Breeze8

Published 07/11/2016

Breeze8 is new to CAM4 and she’s already explored some new parts of her sexuality. She got into camming because she loves knowing she’s turning someone on while she’s getting off too.

If you want to watch this good girl from Kentucky turn into a naughty sex kitten, read this short interview and then go subscribe to her CAM4 channel!

What’s one thing you’ve done on CAM4 that you thought you’d never do?

One thing I tried on cam that I never thought I would do is fisting. It is intense and amazing.

And what’s one thing that CAM4 has got you wanting to do/fantasizing about that you never did before?

One thing CAM4 has me wanting to do is partner swap.

Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?

I really enjoy being tied up. I would love to have a real dom session.

breeze8-6Has your attitude towards sex changed since you started camming? Are you more open-minded, less judgmental, etc.

I think I am definitely more open-minded since I started camming. I was one of those girls who were a bit uncomfortable about porn. I think camming has given me the confidence to not feel intimidated by other beautiful women.

What do you feel is sexiest part of your body? And what part do other people find the sexiest?

I think the sexiest part of me is my stomach, but I think others would say my big ass.

Have you ever thought about another CAM4 performer?

Haha… I enjoy many of the other cam performers 😉

Has camming changed your personality off-cam?

I think camming has changed a lot in my every day life. I enjoy what I do and I feel great about myself. Every girl loves a good complement and the wonderful viewers on CAM4 are great at giving them.


To find out more about Breeze8, go to CAM4 or follow @breeze_6131 on Twitter.

Give her a warm welcome to CAM4, we want her to keep teasing us for a long time… PS after writing this post I’d have to say that her legs are what I find sexiest!! Leave a comment and tell her what you find sexy about her.

Watch Breeze8 on CAM4

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