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In which sex position do you feel the most?

Published 18/12/2023

Now which sex position do you feel the most, and is the most intense? In our question above, we mean it for all participants, in this case man and woman. So in which position do both sexual partners not only have great pleasure, but also feel maximum pleasure through intense physical contact? Okay, that sounds very theoretical and that’s exactly why we went looking for the ideal sex positions for both. Let’s see which best positions we discovered, we already revealed it’s not the reverse cowgirl – Lets go!

What is the difference between men and women?

Of course, the differences are already determined by anatomy, which we will also discuss in a moment. Beforehand, however, it must be said that it also has a positive effect on sensitivity if you can banish the stressful job, the tedious conversation with whomever, and also the dirty laundry that would like to go from the bedroom into the machine, and concentrate fully on each other to reach climax together. Because that really is the very best way!

For women

Every woman has her own individual erogenous zones, the stimulation of which gives her pleasure. But not every sex position, for example, automatically stimulates the clitoris or the G-spot. This need not be a bad thing if the woman wants to have pleasure in this other way, but the desired orgasm is rather difficult to achieve in this way. Compare it to sitting on a bed when you can also lie down, don’t make it impossibly difficult for yourself.

For men

Of course, men also have their own individual erogenous body zones. Since the penis is intensely stimulated in every sex position – granted, sometimes more, sometimes less – we devote our research to the positions that can help both of them climax together. Poses with the X factor so to speak.

Positions for more fun together

Which sex position will make you feel the most? Slow or fast, it all depends on the intensity of the stimulation. Of course, it is important that you are close together. We looked for sex positions that allow the man to penetrate his partner as deeply as possible or that offer maximum friction and stimulation due to the angle of the positions.

But you don’t always have to have the Kama Sutra next to your bed. And let’s face it, not everyone is flexible enough to get out of some positions unscathed, let alone feel pleasure. That’s why we’ve listed a few options for you that are easy to practice AND should give you maximum pleasure. Have fun browsing a search for the ideal position.

Rider position reversed

The man lies on his back in bed and the woman sits on his lap with her back and face toward him. This not only allows her to control the intensity and pace herself – he has his hands free to give her extra stimulation and can enjoy the view of her rear end with pleasure.

Or you can try another variation, which is also delightful: while the man sits, she does not sit as in the previous position, but lies with her upper body on his legs. This allows her to gently move back and forth while he enjoys the beautiful sight and supports her with his hands on her hips.

The classic

The missionary position is far from outdated – quite the contrary! This position engages the clitoris particularly well when she lays her spread legs flat on the surface of the mattress. In addition, to increase the friction of his pubic area with her clitoris, the woman can place a pillow under her buttocks to change the angle or extend both legs upward, pressed firmly together.

Turtles and similar

She lies on her stomach with her legs slightly apart while he penetrates her from behind. Make sure he does not become too heavy for her – it helps if the man supports himself with his arms and does not lie down completely.

Another intense variation is when he supports himself while holding his upper body up and she has both closed. In the so-called ironing board, he can now penetrate her deeply with his legs to the right and left of her body. She has the ability to influence the intensity of the penetration by moving her pelvis.


Both sit upright, she on his lap with her legs wrapped around him and he sits cross-legged or with his legs slightly bent, which is recommended for knee problems. The woman sets the pace through her position. In this sex position, you can look deep into each other’s eyes and have your hands free to give each other extra pleasure.

Leg Extension

The woman lies on her back and the man kneels in front of her. As he penetrates her, she puts one leg over his shoulder and the other across his leg. Incidentally, it is considered more comfortable if he holds her upper leg. In this position, not only is the friction in the area of the G-spot perceived as more intense – it can also be additionally stimulated with the hands.

Spoon spoon for the g-spot

The question of which sex position makes you feel the most, we can answer quite a bit with this one! This is exactly what you need if you want something more intense, but are a little lazy today. Both can be comfortable on their sides, and he penetrates her from behind. Both partners can enjoy it very slowly, and he even has his upper hand free to give her extra pampering, stroking over her other leg, or even her clitoris. This position, even though there is often no eye contact, does provide a lot of inimacy.

Doggy style with spoon spoon

Just the right combination if you want to increase your mutual pleasure. Still a big favorite, doggy style. Normally the woman lies on her stomach, but this one is on her side. She lies on her side, leans on her arm, and lifts her thigh. The man holds her leg and kneels sideways behind her and penetrates her from behind. In this way, her G-spot is likely to receive the desired attention. This position requires little extreme flexibility, especially the woman can rest in the bed. Do you already have any idea which position you will feel best with?

Summary for deep penetration

With which sex position do you feel the most? Basically, what matters with these different positions is that the penis has the most intense contact with the G-spot or, ideally, that the clitoris is stimulated at the same time. In positions that have a faster pace, the man may cum earlier than intended. You can easily counteract this with short erotic breaks and a change of sex positions.

A more moderate pace allows you to do without and gives both of you a chance to get the other better along in the game to achieve your erotic goal together. In any case, we wish you lots of fun!

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