Halloween Gifting Contest

Published 12/10/2023

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CAM4 UK & AUS Halloween 
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Celebrate Halloween at CAM4 with themed gifts to win spooky prizes!

5 PRIZES for registered creators who *from 16 until 31 October 2023* earned the most by collecting gifts from the categories:
Bad Dragon en Pumpkin Letters!


1st Prize $150
2nd Prize $100
3rd Prize $75
4th Prize $50
5th Prize $25


Tokens and gift exchanges between performers and linked accounts are not counted and removed from the final rankings.


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How does it work?

Sign up to take part in the CAM4 gift contest. Collect the most gifts in the categories Halloween, Pumpkin letters  en Bad Dragon in the period from 16 until 31 October 2023 (server time*).

Our tips for bringing home one of the prizes.

– Let your followers know you are participating by putting it on your profile!

Place the banner in your bio by copying the following url:


– Ask for gifts instead of tokens!

– Organise a promotional sale of your videos and send them in exchange for Halloween, Pumpkin Letters and Bad Dragon gifts.

– Organise raffles or special shows to get more themed gifts!

Treat your viewers to a scary show!



  1. Only broadcasters with a verified account can participate.
  3. The winners of CAM4 UK or AUS will be the registered performers who have collected the most tokens through CAM4 gifts in the categories “Halloween, Pumpkin Letters or Bad Dragon” from 16 to 31 October 2023.
  4. A limit of 6,000 tokens will be counted PER unique tipster.
  5. Exchanging gifts between models or moving tokens between accounts in an attempt to change the results of the contest is not allowed. Any attempt to cheat will result in disqualification from the contest. – Received tokens must come from purchases of token packages, they cannot come from other model accounts that did not purchase the tokens.
  6. Only 1 prize per person.
  7. Earnings must at least match the prize money.
  8. Contest winners must have streamed a minimum of 4 hours to qualify for prize payout.
  9. Gifts MUST be received between 16 and 31 October 2023 EST time.
  10. The winner of the previous contest from the same category is excluded.

*Server time: Gift counting is based on server in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

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