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Who did not made it to the finals – CAM4 X CarlyRaeSummer Contest

Published 18/04/2024

in News

Sometimes, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. That’s exactly what the CAM4 X CarlyRaeSummers MyShop Video Contest has proven. Partnering with the renowned online sensation, CarlyRaeSummers, we CAM4 set up an amazing competition that inspired creators everywhere. The goal was simple but challenging: craft unique and appealing content featuring the MyShop video’s. But hey, not everyone can be in the spotlight. So, who were the talented folks who didn’t make the cut to the finals?

These creators gave it their all. Their fantastic videos, each with a unique twist, flooded the contest portal, showing off their raw creativity. But, as the saying goes, “the wind does not blow in the same direction all the time.” It could have been a lack of originality, not resonating with viewers, or even just being pipped at the post by fierce competition.

But let’s be crystal clear: not making the finals does not mean these creators were any less talented or creative! To celebrate their fantastic efforts, a first compilation video featuring some of the best non-finalists has been released. This lovely video is like a highlight reel of creativity and talent, showing off an array of refreshing takes on the MyShop video’s.

So while they might not have gotten their moment in the final sun, these creators shone in their own right. The CAM4 X CarlyRaeSummers MyShop Video Contest was a showcase of talent far and wide. And it’s safe to say: even though they didn’t make it to the finals, these creators gave it their best shot and definitely lit up the competition with their unique flair!

There’s even more to come!

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