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Erotic Movies – 6 of the best!

Published 15/01/2024

We have all seen an erotic movie at one time or another. Whether it’s in the cinema, or comfortably at home on the couch. Erotic movies particularly appeal to us because they are always available, in everyone’s life, and embody passion.

Often erotic films are about an affair, about love, about life. At the very least, everyone can relate to an erotic film. Often erotic films are also called soft porn, because although mainly sexual acts are performed, it is not porn showing the hardest positions.

Usually an erotic film lasts about 90 minutes, like a normal feature film. This genre is intended for the average consumer and is also shown in cinemas.

The best erotic movies only for women ?

It is said that men like actionless porn, without style, the most important thing is a good bounce.

But a little more level is allowed, dear men. Once an erotic movie is well made and, at best, contains an understandable plot, erotic movies are not only fun to watch, but also a lot of fun, because it is about sex, passion and erotic drama, but not alone.

In pairs or alone. And that is exactly what makes it the perfect mix for all genders. Women usually get particularly excited by really hot movies that are hard to beat in terms of eroticism. This has even been proven statistically.

It is best to take your time when choosing a movie. Watch a trailer together beforehand so that you can decide which movie will get you both totally excited. And that way, it’s guaranteed not to be boring. You can watch this movie on Netflix. We are happy to share that list of best erotic movies for you. Some titles are more explicit than others, but for all of them, the actors take the movies to the next level

The best erotic movies guaranteed to drive you crazy

#1. Fifty Shades of Grey

We all know it. Some love it, others hate it. Fifty Shades of Grey stayed at number one for more than 91 weeks. And quite rightly so. Fifty Shades tells a story between shy but attractive philosophy student Anastasia Steel (Dakota Johnson).

During an interview, she meets the extremely handsome and authoritarian mysterious billionaire Christian Grey and immediately feels a connection with him.

She is soon attracted to him and is incredibly impressed by his passion and his life, and that at a young age. They begin an affair in which she will learn many more disturbing sides, including sexual ones, that she never expected.

BDSM for the big screen. Absolutely recommended. Meanwhile, even the third part of the book series was filmed this year, because originally Fifty Shades of Grey is a book series that could not have been more successful. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

#2. Henry and June

This movie is perfect for lovers of erotica as well as culture lovers. Finally, Henry and June tells the love story of two different writers.

Henry Miller played by Michael Douglas and Anais Nin played by Kim Basinger. This unexpected love story is set in Paris. Paris in the 1930s. Anais is married. But unfortunately anything but fulfilling and happy because her husband Hugo, cannot give her what Anais craves when it comes to sex.

In the course of the story, she meets Henry, 10 years older, who is busy writing his new book. As a result, Anais also meets Henry’s bisexual wife June.

At first, Anais was still totally focused on Henry, until sparks also began to fly between her and June. So you give yourself over and begin a relationship with both of them that took their sex to a whole new level. So you heard me right. This movie is about sex and more sex! Currently, this movie is available again on Netflix.

#3. Black Swan

Granted, ballet in itself is not pure erotica, but it is aesthetic, impressive and beautiful. Even if you might not have expected it. Black Swan has some sexy scenes that should not be underestimated. Featuring in the great Natalie Portmann, who dances the coveted role in the ballet Swan Lake.

The story tells of the Black Swan. Which means she will now dance both roles. The White Swan and the Black Swan, and that puts a lot of pressure on the talented ballerina. Her teacher advises Nina to loosen up, preferably by masturbating. That way she can loosen up and better understand the role.

The moment her friend Lily puts drugs in Nina’s drink, her repressed sexual desire gets completely out of control. Lily and Nina end up having an affair, and it is precisely this tension, coupled with hallucinations, that makes the film so incredibly exciting. Highly recommended and currently available on Netflix.

#4. Lie With me – Love me | Follow this mysterious woman

The lead role in this movie is played by the young woman Leila, played by Sharon Stone. Leila has had enough of her parents’ marital problems and is trying to escape her frustrated daily life. She begins to change. She watches a lot of porn, masturbates, has wild sex and wanders aimlessly through the empty streets of her town at night.

So it’s not a new situation for her to have sex with the strange but good-looking David at a party. And so begins a hot affair. The two have sex in the park, on the roof, anywhere you can think of. The affair continues until they are both scared of it, they look back to their old selves.

David goes back to his old girlfriend and Laila lives on in her old self. Sex, sex and more sex. And above all, without love. She is only concerned with the physical. Very good film, especially because director Clement Virgo presents the affair of the two very realistically. Definitely recommended for people who like erotic movies but do not want to miss the story. Currently available on Netflix.

#5. Belle de Jour | More than just a sexual relationship

This film by Louis Bunuel is an old classic that has been popular since 1967. The lead role is played by Catherine Deneuve, who was very young and at the beginning of her acting career. She plays the young Parisian lady Severine.

Severine is a bourgeois Parisian lady who is married to a successful doctor. She loves her husband very much, but cannot manage to be sexual with him. Instead, the beautiful woman loses herself in daydreams that couldn’t be wilder. Full of BDSM, bondage and humiliation.

To give free rein to her wild fantasies, she signed up at one of the city’s most popular and respected brothels. There she began working as a prostitute, not for money, but to indulge her fantasies. There she seductively called herself “Belle de Jour.” Everything was going well and according to plan until a customer fell in love with the riding brunette. The film is tragic and contains drama.

Especially sexual. But it is worth watching. The film is very exciting and contains a truly gripping story that immerses you in the world of the “Belle de Jour.” Definitely recommended if you like erotic films that don’t lose the sensuality in their story. Currently available on Amazon Prime.

#6. Eyes Wide Shut | An extraordinary erotic thriller

Eyes Wide Shut is an erotic film in which Alice Harford, played by Nicole Kidman, reveals her wild fantasies and sexual desires to her husband Bill, played by Tom Cruise, in the hope that he will act on them.

Distraught and humiliated by his wife’s desires, he moves into the nightlife, where he is literally attracted to the feminine. He gets one opportunity after another to cheat on his wife Alice.

Wild sex lurks around every corner. Over the course of the film, it becomes clear that the relationship between Alice and Bill was rather broken and although both are unfaithful, they still love each other in a strange way. Coincidentally, despite numerous affairs, the two still share the bed together and have occasionally had sex with each other.

This film reflects real life on a sexual level. With all its pitfalls and traps. This film is highly recommended for those who love sex and the erotic genre, as well as a real story set far away from sex. A guaranteed successful erotic thriller.

Do you also like erotic movies, or do you prefer a real porn movie? Coming soon also articles about movies and series with explicit sex scenes

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