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By Country – Sex Variations (A to Z)

Published 14/08/2023

By Country – Sex Variations (A to Z): How to have sex around the world. Every country has its own preferences – culinary but also definitely on the other side in terms of sex. We venture on a short erotic journey around the world and look at what sex practices are popular in different countries. Make your relationship more exciting, or actually your whole life with this freedom to take a different path.

Want to know what’s going on in Italy, Greece, India or the beds of Russia? Read on – there we go, just beware that these changes can also make for a horny addiction.

Which sex variations are popular in which countries?

People on every continent have sex and enjoy it. Each country has its own beliefs of what horny sex is. We have searched Europe and the world for you for this relationship to each other and don’t want to withhold from you what we have found.

From passionate oral pleasure to unusual but extremely delectable forms of sexual play to ecstatic sex that sometimes involves breaking furniture, it’s all there…Do you find a connection between these beliefs?

French sex

In France, people pamper each other orally and both women and men get their erotic fix. Cunnilingus or fellatio – as foreplay or until climax.

French-style, like the French kiss, involves a lot of tongue. What do you think of the French game?

Italian sex

In Italy, people are not only creative in the kitchen, because here both women and men like to have sex within the armpit. If you want to try Italian sex, always use plenty of lube so you don’t get too much chafing and sore spots.

Spanish sex

In Spain, the man’s penis is nestled between the woman’s breasts and then it can begin. As foreplay or until climax – this sex practice can be enjoyed in different positions without negative consequences.

Greek sex

In beautiful Greece, anal sex is very popular. This has been the case for a long time, because in ancient times sexual relations between men were not uncommon, socially respected and popular. More about Greek sex here.

German sex

The German hobbyhorse is the good old missionary position. In different variations and with a favorable angle of the penis in the vagina, this classic provides ecstasy for both woman and man.

Swedish sex

Here, people do not go to the nearest furniture store to frolic in public in different beds, but instead satisfy each other by hand. In Scandinavia, people like to do manual relaxation.

Russian sex

In Russia, thigh sex and pampering each other with lots of oil or foam are on the agenda. In the ancient Czarist Empire, there was no shame in having sex before marriage or getting pregnant – so safe sex was practiced even then.

Indian sex

The legendary KamaSutra comes from India. With illustrations of sex positions for athletes and also for beginners, this book gives a picture of how a harmonious relationship between husband and wife is presented in India. With a good relationship and trust, you can go far with this sexual manual.

English sex

In England, they say, SM sex is at home. But also passionate lovemaking all over the house, but less often in the bedroom. As a result, one piece of furniture or another must be replaced from time to time.

Albanian sex

In Albania, making love in the knees is the sex practice of choice. Here the woman can usually control the pressure on the penis by tightening her muscles. The use of lubricant for this type of play of great importance. Do you also see a connection here with Spanish and or Italian sex? (We think it’s an obvious connection, they like to put their penis “in between” something)

Arabic sex

Now it’s getting hot! This means dipping both the vagina and penis in warm water or oil before penetration, which improves blood circulation. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot! Should you be interested in this, read up well, this phenomenon must clearly be in your brain to contribute to an exciting game. After all, you do bear a responsibility, it is not entirely without danger.

Thai sex

Do not confuse this sex practice with a Thai massage! This is a full body massage in which the man is massaged. The woman is also naked and uses her whole body. This takes any relationship to the next level and is feasible for all relationships to try. Whatever your desires, when it comes to massages, opinions are almost the same for everyone!

Different countries, different relationship, different desires – freedom to try!?

Country sex certainly doesn’t suit every personal relationship, but you may have discovered a sex practice or two here that you would like to try. You always have that freedom as long as it is discussed in a relationship. Check out our detailed articles. Many countries have sexual preferences that we recommend you take a closer look at first. A different path can be exciting, but it is to be wished that you know what the changes can bring about.

Sex variations by country – our conclusion.

Now you know what is in demand worldwide when it comes to sex. Maybe you’ll soon dare an erotic trip to Spain or Russia….

As varied foreplay or a little adventure – you certainly don’t need a visa to enjoy global sex practices.

As long as you have a good relationship there are few negative consequences to it, or any other side. Of great importance though, always be honest and clear with each other.

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