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Go Beyond The Deck with Johnny Diamond: A Path to Personal Triumph

Go Beyond The Deck with Johnny Diamond: A Path to Personal Triumph

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and defying personal limitations, this interview unveils the candid and adventurous spirit of Johnny Diamond who found a profound connection with the CAM4 webcam community. He openly admits that traveling isn’t always within reach, he recounts a daring escapade in Australia where he kayaked in the vast ocean, conquering not only the waves but also his own reservations.

With a dash of self-deprecating humor, Johnny’s comedic spirit led him to join the vibrant world of CAM4 and embrace a voyage of personal growth and new experiences. From conquering many challenges within his person life to becoming an integral part of the community, Johnny’s journey reveals the profound impact CAM4 has had on his life.  He is a testament to the power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and embracing life’s exhilarating adventures, both on the high seas and within the virtual realm.

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In this exclusive interview with CAM4, Johnny takes us through his beginning stages into the webcam community.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done while traveling?

Since the pandemic, I haven’t really travelled unless it was for a business trip or to attend an industry event …beyond that, I rarely travel for pleasure. However, while in Australia I lived a little too close to the edge and became a little too adventurous. For starters, I can’t swim so going kayaking in the middle of the ocean with Vanna Faye would be top tier …Second place would be venturing into the unknown / Australian “jungle” with Skyy Knox while barefoot. In true Johnny fashion, swinging from vines and climbing rocks was short lived as I took quite the spill, resulting in me landing on my wrist and busting my knee open …so yea, there we go, I guess we can say I finally lived a little.

Do you prefer to travel with a group or solo?

Honestly, I can barely find my way around a mall on my own, let alone an airport. This being an adventure venture on the other side of the world, I would definitely have to say with someone or in a group …at least meet me halfway or provide me with a guide dog.

What made you decide to join CAM4 on this adventure for Below Deck: Down Under?

Like I said, I don’t get out much and this was post pandemic. To be 100% honest, while in lockdown food became a hobby lol.  Let’s just say I had some weight goals in the end. I was like, you know what …I’m going to tackle this head on. Knowing I would need to be “camera ready”, this would give me the push I needed. I wanted to experience life and live in the moment again, enjoy some sort of normalcy.

What was your experience on the yacht? Describe your experience..

I can’t lie, I was a little intimidated and nervous to finally meet some of my group for the first time in person.  The majority of us were already friends and aquatinted, but through virtual interaction.  Meeting the Below Deck cast and crew in the flesh and beyond the tv screen, my fears were soon forgotten as we all instantly clicked.  They became almost like a second family. In terms of the yacht itself, I was blown away by the size, to the point you almost forget you were on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Seeing the luxury aspects and lifestyle on TV doesn’t come close or compare to living it …it was incredible.

We’re going to go back to CAM4 now. What initially drew you to the webcam community?

Fun fact, what now seems like a million years ago, CAM4 was my home site as a cam creator. As a creator on the site there weren’t many outlets for male talent. Once I got the hang of camming, I started to really enjoy helping others on their journey. I started going to different industry events and instead of representing and promoting my brand, I found myself educating people through my experience and guide them on steps to be successful on their own. One thing led to another and soon doors started to open for me. I was in front of the camera to no being behind the camera.  Helping to educate creators as an Account Manager for the platform where I once started has been really great. I don’t cam anymore, but I also wouldn’t want to because I wouldn’t want to take any of the spotlight away from our creators …not saying I take anyone’s spotlight away lol …but I want people to have their full, undivided attention to the people we showcase. Since working for CAM4 I’ve met some incredible people, including some you will see me on the boat.

What are your favorite aspects of the CAM4 community?

I love that everyone’s super open.  What you see is often what you get. There is always someone there to be a watchful eye and hold your hand.  There is a true sense of “cammunity” …I hate saying the term, but it fits. For me, I was never super confident or like “look at me, I’m the greatest cam creator”. In actuality I was always self-conscious and often held myself back. I remember when I went to one of my first events, I realized how big of a community there was in adult camming.  Not only that, but sex work as a whole. I’ve met some of the most honest and brutally blunt people, but at the same time some of the sweetest, and nonjudgmental.

I feel like it’s the community aspect that makes people realize sex work is work …I often still watch other creators do these incredible shows and admire how far we have come. To be honest, I talk to more people that I’ve met through CAM4 than I do in my own personal life. My career choice has not only helped me gain the confidence I once lacked but helped create friendships and bonds that I will have forever.

What sets CAM4 apart from every other web cam community?

I would say assets like myself and Vanna who are pretty much available 24/7 for our broadcasters. We also have an amazing Broadcaster Training area of the site that offers informative articles, incentives for new broadcasters, as well as free coaching classes to help even the newest cam model get started. We will literally hold your hand all the while showing you the ropes. Knowing there is a team of experienced people on the other side who want the same success for you is very encouraging. A lot of other platforms don’t offer what CAM4 does, from customer service, to help with setting up your payment option.  It can be a nightmare, but we are here to help. Back when I started camming, I tried out other options, but you couldn’t get a hold of anyone to help or assist if you wanted to… Between our staff, customer support, and tokens being higher in value than most platforms, it’s a no brainer …come to CAM4, we gotchu !!!

How do you balance your personal life with time spent on CAM4?

Pretty much my life is an open book. For me, working for a cam platform and being connected to the industry was never a worry. I’m very transparent with all of my friends, my family, my partner, etc. They constantly ask for our swag when they see me in it and seem just as proud as I am working for such an awesome company. I’m not very private in terms of when people ask me what I do or what my career choice is. I used to be a Visual Merchandizing for ten years at a well-known Canadian retailer. Before that I worked in a video store lol …Pretty much, if you have a sense of customer service, or have worked in that field, that’s all you really need

How do you balance?

I think I’ve just fused the two, I don’t really balance them. I’m always working or always thinking about work or about the better of what I could do tomorrow that could help this person or the next. It’s kind of just bled into my regular personal life, I think because it was already a part of my personal life before, they sort of just went hand in hand and it happens naturally.

How has being part of the CAM4 webcam community impacted your life? Feel free to get a little emotional.

It made me be a more confident person, It kind of opened up a shell that I didn’t know I was still in as an adult…CAM4 broke down a wall I never knew I built. Some of the friendships I’ve made along the way… never in a million years would I ever thought I would have travelled to Australia, or Miami, let alone New Jersey. I often only travel for work, but I’ve learned to take a little bit of where I’ve been and bring it back with me. I’m excited to see where the wind blows me next, and hopefully see some familiar faces along the way

What inspired you to share your story on Below Deck?

Honestly, this is going to be a little bit weird, but since I was a kid, I’ve been sick. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 8yrs old and spent a lot of my early years in the hospital. On top of that, I have a liver condition, basically all sorts of health-related issues and problems. That kind of touches base on the why I don’t get out much and why the pandemic was so crippling for me.

I don’t really live on the edge; I feel like I was I was at a point in my life where the pandemic had just ended for basically the third time. Having gone through a depression during the beginning of it, my confidence in optimism was gone. I was like, you know what… If I don’t go, would I regret this ? Trust me, there are a lot of regrets I’ve had in life, and the majority stem from me not pushing myself or holding myself back.  Knowing that I was going to be put out into the world, on a platform as big as Bravo with a group of gorgeous people. I mean… you’ve got Laura Desiree, Skyy Knox, Jessie Lee, and BiCop, not to mention someone I consider a genuine best friend, Vanna Faye. All insanely gorgeous people with killer bodies and other “assets” …and then me, the little troll that comes out and cheers everybody up and goes back under the bridge …I think the expectation or how people see / perceive others had shifted during lockdown and the world was finally ready to see someone like myself in the mix, I was equal inside and out.

Basically, I can’t swim, I don’t take my shirt off in pools, and have the confidence of a clown fish, BUT would I have this opportunity again? I knew that I would have another regret on my list if I had not gone and hate to be watching this season and be like…that could have been me lol …So now not only am I a super fan of Below Deck: Down Under, but I get to see myself for many years to come and probably many reruns.  This is a dream come true and now have memories that will last a lifetime.

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