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What’s Allowed On Cam Outdoors? (Video)

With warmer weather and the CAM4 Mobile Broadcaster, you are no longer confined indoors for your shows! So grab your phone and follow these guidelines to protect yourself from harm and legal trouble.


First, when you’re broadcasting in a public place, you should be respectful of the people around you. Being live on CAM4 is probably not what people expect to happen while on a walk through the park.  Always protect yourself from angry people who might sue you – never broadcast others unless you have added them as a new performer on your account in CAM4 Bucks!  

Here is a step-by-step guide on adding additional performers to your account: 

Being outside while you broadcast (on your own property or property you have received permission to be on from the owner) opens up a ton of fun new things to try! Just be sure you don’t get in trouble by violating other people’s trademarks or copyrights.  You can’t even use music in the background of a broadcast without having permission. If you do, you can be sued for copyright infringement.

Feel free to broadcast from a car, motorcycle, airplane, or flying saucer… just make sure the engine is OFF! We want you, and everyone around you to be safe and injury free – let your common sense prevail.  You can’t operate machinery and broadcast at the same time, it’s too dangerous.

Finally, this is very important to remember while using CAM4 (on mobile or any other way):

NEVER allow children to appear on your broadcast in any way. If a minor or child or someone who appears to be too young (under 18) appears on your broadcast, your account will be instantly terminated. CAM4 will never let children be exploited in any way, shape, manner or form.  

So go have fun broadcasting outside, in public, at the beach, at your favorite bar – just make sure you always know the rules that apply to wherever you happen to be (and don’t upset that bar owner or it’s patrons). Remember, it’s your responsibility to stay out of jail, so just use some common sense and you will be fine. 

To help eliminate claims of invasion of privacy, CAM4 recommends you don't broadcast from a height of more than 5'5" (1.67 meters) off the ground.

~That’s all for this lesson!

Happy Camming!

Love, Your CAM4 Coaching TEAM