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Billy the Human Billboard

A few weeks ago I met Billy Gibby who goes by the name Billy the Billboard or Billy the Human Billboard. Billy contacted me by email and asked if I would like to advertise cam4 on his face, permanently with a tattoo. I didn’t believe it. I thought maybe it was a joke or a scam. Sure I saw the Golden Palace tattoos on the backs of fighters, but I thought those where temporary. Billy said he wanted to do a permanent tattoo. So I started to research Billy and see what was up.

Billy The Human Billboard

I was able to find out that Billy had been doing this for some time. He already had tattoo advertisements from companies like Golden Palace and PornHub. He had some blog entries and profiles on tattoo sites and even a twitter account. I asked Billy some questions to learn more about him.

Why do you do tattoo ads on your body and face?

The main reasons that I do tattoo advertising is to take care of my family and things that the kids need and what not. I got started in tattoo advertising several years ago. I was donating blood platelets 24 times a year and volunteering at the heart association but I felt like I wanted to do more then that. I had seen a website online where people were in need of organs and saw a profile of someone that was in need. I emailed her and we became good friends. I decided I wanted to donate my kidney to her but I didn’t have enough money to pay my bills until I could go back to work. I was working at Sam’s Club at that time. I remembered seeing a pro boxer with a temp tattoo ad on his back and thought that if he could do that, then I could do the real thing and that was my start in tattoo advertising. I kept working at Sam’s Cub and eventually got a job at the post office. Then the recession happened and I was laid off. My family and I were facing eviction and I had to do something fast. I didn’t want the family to be homeless so that’s when I again went to tattoo advertising and kept doing it until now. I have kept on donating blood platelets as well and have now donated 26 gallons. I ended up donating my kidney to my friend and shes doing well.

Face Tattoo Advertising

How do people react to what you are doing?

Some people think I am crazy for tattooing my face and body with logos and websites. But for me, I would do anything for my family as long as it was legal, to take care of them. If that means tattooing my body and face them, I will do it. I don’t regret getting any of the tattoo ads that I have.

You are also a boxer?

I have boxed 4 times since donating my kidney and won them all. They are tough-man fights with 16 ounce boxing gloves. I am now 18 wins 0 losses in tough-man style fights.

What are your future plans?

I want to get into the Guinness book of world records for most area of ones body covered in tattoo ads.

Billy's cam4 face tattoo

It’s quite a sacrifice Billy makes to help people out. Billy is a genuine, generous and caring person. You can find more information about Billy, chat with him and support him at these websites:

* Billy’s CheckMyInk Profile

* Billy’s Myspace Profile

* Billy’s Twitter Page

* Billy’s Cam4 Profile

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  1. SuckX says:

    didn’t accept of you’r words

  2. meme says:

    What happens in 10 or 20 years time and all his adverts are redundant because the companies no longer are in business?

    Tats on arms. legs and rest of body, well OK, but face. That kinda excludes you from any job in the future.

    If some one wanted me to tattoo their companies logo on my face, I be asking hundreds of thousands of dollars!. Not that I ever would.

    Fuji is right, why not just get a full time job? – Still I have to give it to the guy, he’s got some balls. I sure would not want to look like that when I’m 65+ visiting my grand kids.

  3. Splatador says:

    I guess the hat is hiding the giant “L” tattooed on his forehead.

  4. Fujifabric says:

    Whatever happened to just good old-fashioned “getting a job”?

  5. John says:

    Ummm. OK.