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Is webcam sex the future of porn? – ELLE Canada

Is webcam sex the future of porn? – ELLE Canada

Cam fans in Canada have a treat waiting for them in March’s edition of ELLE Magazine! We’re featured along with CAM4 model o0pepper0o in a spread all about the future of porn, which as we all know, is webcam porn.

As the world keeps leaning towards cam sex vs the Jenna Jameson version of porn, there’s a lot of talk on why, and what it means.

The writer interviewed Pepper, after experiencing one of her live shows. Over 700 people around the world watched her lick whipped cream off her breasts at noon on a Wednesday. At 500 tokens she she pulls her vibrator out and of course, the chat goes wild. Why? Because people love watching a “real” person totally lose control.

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“I first learned of Cam4 when a co-worker gave it a resounding review. That same evening, I signed up and watched a collection of performers for longer than I’d like to admit. I had never seen anything like it. The site was an online red-light district where one click opened a performer’s window and gave you licence to request your fantasies for a fee. The site felt like a porn revolution—or revelation.

In fact, it seems that many erotica viewers have moved beyond the superficiality of archetypal stars, like Jenna Jameson. We’ve set our sights on unscripted reality and live custom performances—without plastic or peroxide. We’d rather watch someone we might run into at the grocery store than an “actress” whose orgasms sound as if she’s being gutted by a scythe.”

Over the years, we’ve watched intimately as more and more people turned away from traditional porn. Porn was once an escape into a world so foreign and pretend. As technology continues to become a bigger and bigger barrier between humans, true intimacy has become foreign. We want to feel like we know the girl on our computer screen, like she could be the girl next door.

In the end, real people are getting off together be it via text, cam, in real life, or on the phone. And that’s awesome ;)

What do you think? Is camming the new porn? Leave a comment with your thoughts on camming vs porn, and good ole fashioned intimacy ;)

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Comments (4)

  1. 44 says:

    “request your fantasies for a fee” ..It’s actually the free aspect what made Cam4 revolutionary. Cyber-brothels have existed since the 90s but only paying members can watch and their prostitutes look tired, sad, angry, even exploited.

  2. damien says:

    keep up the good work

  3. Here4fun says:

    I believe it is, but the other type will still have a place too. I prefer watching guys who are regular dudes rather than an over produced, unrealistic fantasy. I’ve run into guys IRL who I have seen performing on Cam4. Sometimes they are gracious and say thanks, and some say “What’s Cam4?”, and quickly run off.