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CAM4Turns7 Photo Contest Winners!

CAM4Turns7 Photo Contest Winners!

The party has officially come to an end, but not without hot naked pics from CAM4 babes! For the past week, we’ve gotten over our 7th anniversary with a birthday themed photo contest on Twitter. This morning, we’ve been going through all of your hot pics trying to pic winners.

As a reminder each region has chosen their top 3 #cam4turns7 themed pics and awarded them with the following: 1st place 300 tokens, 2nd place 200 tokens, 3rd place 100 tokens. Drum roll please…..here’s your sexiest birthday babes by region!

North America

Over here in North America, we had two birthday cakes and a hot babe to follow! Mesmereyez teased us all with her creamy frosting, and I’m still wondering what she tastes like. Wanna get Mesmereyez-ed? Follow @mesmereyezcam4 on Twitter. Because a good birthday cock is hard to come by, I had to give Whitebol3 the second place spot. Get daily cock from @whitebol3 on Twitter, enjoy the ride ;) Finally, my new Twitter crush @meowlissaxx or xcupcakes on CAM4.


The models in France we’re lighting our flames with their sexy birthday pics. New babe Exhibista who we also had the pleasure of interviewing last week takes the first place cake for her simple but sexy pic. I think we’re all imagining that candle doing naughty things… You can see more pics from her by following @LiliPutz1 on Twitter. Our lone Super Show pro Allyasex came out to wish us a happy anniversary with a delicious pussy. Whoops, cupcake. Her Twitter handle is also @AllyaSex, so you know what to do. Finally, our French birthday cock is Redlovemv  who tweets more sexy pics from @redlovemv.

PS – Read Exhibista’s wild interview here


Two sexy Spanish ladies helped us blow out the candles, first it’s Frutiilita. While I want to know where one finds a penis-shaped candle, I also love where she decides to stick the candle ;) @Frutiillita_cam is new to Twitter so follow her and say hi! The second sexy candle blower is Latinhot6969, who happened to complete the naughty candle views we needed. If you’re not an ass guy, this pick’s for you! She’s wild on Twitter, so follow @latinhot666 if you can handle it. 


If there’s one thing better that perfect breasts, it’s having the topped with whipped cream. Miss_Dafne is one of Italy’s most popular CAM4 models. And as you guessed, she posts daily sexy pics to Twitter from @miss_dafne_cam4.

As for second place, who doesn’t want a thick cock wrapped in a bow for their birthday? Ok, maybe some of us don’t but I do so thanks for being my birthday cock Lasarasexi! @LasaraSexi



Our two gorgeous Dutch winners brought flowers and fruit to our birthday, which of course won me over! PerfKristy was decked out in a lay and a champagne flute ready for the party to begin, but her Twitter feed is a constant party: @PerfKristy. If you love strawberries, you’ll love SuperPoef‘s ass! Just when I thought her body couldn’t be more perfect, she had to put juicy strawberries on top. Find out how hot she is for yourself, follow @SuperPoef on Twitter.


Oh, Brazil. You’re so much more than a bunch of hot asses and amazing beaches. Jujuhotfire has put her curves to work on CAM4 recently for Cum4Cam4, and now we have to thank her even more for sending us a bday ass! Follow @JujuHotFire on Twitter for daily action. HollyCuty was a new face for me, and I love her fun birthday cake photo, now I have her naughty Twitter feed to look forward to: @Mellovylovy. Finally, of course I had to chose Boyxxv because music is sexy and every birthday party needs good music! Follow @boyxxvalente on Twitter where he shares CAM4 music playlists and fun things ;)

United Kingdom

And the final pieces of cake come from the UK! First we’d like to lick the icing off of Blonde84 and I think she’d be kinky about it ;) Follow miss @blonde700 on Twitter for a wild time. It looks like someone already iced Hotspicygirl‘s cake for us, and this view is what makes birthdays so sweet. Thanks for the taste, @hotspicygirlxu. Now for Izzii, this picture got the whole CAM4 office laughing. We love that he isn’t afraid to stand out and create his own theme. And it’s one that many of us have experienced on a birthday before hehe. You can reach Izzii on Twitter at @Izzii4you.

You can see the complete gallery of #cam4turns7 here. I want to send out a huge thank you to every CAM4 hottie who sent in their pics, without you guys we wouldn’t have made it to 7 years! Thanks for making my week (and job) awesome xoxo – Abbey

What’s next for us? Check out our World Cup 2014 themed show schedule running from June 13th to 28th!


Comments (6)

  1. Masked_Milf says:

    I think the contest was fair and fun. My favorite pick was the “cock cake” I think it was creative and funny. The Cam4 team chose their favorite pictures and that is how they said it would be from the beginning of the contest. If they would have done it by RT’s or favorites someone would surely be complaining about that. Don’t stress the small stuff, I am glad they work so hard to create these fun contests for us to participate in and appreciate the free exposure. Pun intended, LOL.

    • Abbey says:

      Awww thank you my love!! The cock cake is amazing, my personal favorite too haha. Of course I wish everyone could win, but we have to pick somehow. I’m glad you’re enjoying the contests!! xoxox

  2. Diane says:

    I agree with Jess and Jim, there is nonsense about how does the contest, so finally how will participate others ?

  3. Jess says:

    I agree: you should really consider some other way to run these contests… Netherlands has only two winners? If sombody would have changed his profile to netherlands he would get third place because there are only two entries? What about germany??? No entries at all? Dont split the contest into so many regions if you dont get the entries… Last contest blonde won for germany, now for UK… Is this really the way this should work?
    Why dont you add a real voting system and let people decide?

  4. jim says:

    hi kim, abbey and nikky, i only had a few questions about the cam4 contests,
    first of all… what is the criteria that you use? i look the pics on twitter, and the pics with more RT and fav, and doesn’t match, for example, i don’t see lissa cuttie, with 6 RT and 9 favs, or pov4honey, 3 RT and 9 fav… or the creativity, for example… the simplest pic, a cock candle and a wordart in a low resolution pic… for first place on spain people… won by an argentinian? i don’t have any problem with that… but, you forgot a lot of people, you posted 20 instead the 27 you said. is plain to see… but, could be a math’s fail, or a random prizing… but, i can’t find logical or a pattern in the choices

    Textually copyed from the last post.- ” Next Monday, June 9th we’re awarding a total of 27 birthday babes with a CAM4 thank you gift!”

    • Abbey says:

      Hey, recently we’ve done contests for most RTs and shares too. This time we switched it up to simply chose what we thought were the most creative/fun pics. I would love to run different contests and see different models taking part, so in the future we are definitely working on new ideas to fix this!