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Watching: YlonnaMilf, TankerCpl, Noelle_

Published 19/02/2013

YlonnaMilf Cam4
YlonnaMilf calls herself a MILF. She’s 36 and from Romania. When I tuned in she was lying on her bed naked with her thighs spread open. She’s got a dildo and it is long, I wonder how much she can fit inside her. She also uses the dildo for anal fun too. A girl who likes it in the pussy and in the ass, we’ve hit jackpot! She hit her goal so the show can now begin. She slides the dildo in her mouth getting it wet, deep throating it like she is sucking cock. Then, slides it in her pussy. The dildo is 12 plus inches and she can take quite a bit of it. She switches back and forth taking it in her pussy and in her ass. – Jay

So TankerCpl is 22 and from the USA. He’s on cam with his sister in law… does her husband know? She’s on the couch, wrists tied behind her back, he has duct tape over her eyes and around her breasts. He pushed her head down on his cock making her suck it, so she sucks his cock getting it nice and hard. He fucks her mouth making her choke while spit comes out of her mouth. The goal is to make her cry and the highest tipper gets to say what gets done to her. – Jay

Noelle_ is 20 and lives in the United Kingdom. Her goal is to put her whole fist in her pussy. As I watch, she’s doing really good at completing that goal. She already has four fingers in her, plus she has two dildos to play with too. The dildos are big and thick; we’ll call them monster dildos. She slides them in her pussy with ease. My question is what is the biggest cock you have taken? She answers 12 inches. – Jay

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