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Published 06/05/2022

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A fetish for sperm, is that weird?

Many people are into sperm. Thankfully, more than we realize and that’s why it’s definitely OK to have a fetish for sperm. After all, the precious ejaculate is a faithful companion of sex and is just as much a part of it as the salt in the kitchen. 

Sperm can be swallowed, spit and many other things can be done with it, because jiz juice is so versatile.

In this article you will find all the necessary information about sperm, so we can address all questions and concerns. So if you like the popular ejaculate, this is the right place for you, and you will get all the answers you need.

Of course, many sperm lovers like it especially when the sperm lands directly in the mouth, or on another surface of the body, where you can then transport it directly with your finger into your mouth.

After all, the highlight is a crowned finish and the sperm, so to speak, is the cherry on the top.

And if everyone involved enjoys it and enjoys playing with the sperm, then why not? There are even variants in which the sperm is transferred from mouth to mouth, but more on that later.

Can the taste of sperm be influenced?

First things first, and to start at the beginning, we should clarify certain basic questions in this regard. The taste of sperm is often very dominant and, for better or worse, keeps one or the other from experiencing fun with it.

Which is a fundamental pity, because there is certainly the possibility to make the ejaculate tastier by means of different foods.

Delicious sperm is often swallowed

From now on, pineapple and mango should be at the top of your diet plan, because these two types of fruit give sperm a pleasant and sweet taste.

Peppermint, celery and cinnamon can also affect the taste by taking the bitter note.

Of course, from today on you not only have to eat these foods, or similar, and do without everything else, but you should refrain from cigarettes, garlic, alcohol and excessive meat consumption, because the aforementioned foods make the sperm bitter.

But don’t worry about giving it up, because a few days in advance is enough in most cases to influence the taste of your sperm and make your partner happy with your juice.

So spitting snow is yesterday and the games with the ejaculate are at the top of the course.

How to stimulate your sperm production

There are issues that damage many men. These include, for example, the production of their own sperm. Which is absolutely normal, because actually only a few would have to think about it. That is why we would like to enlighten you in this regard.

In old age, the sperm production of the body automatically decreases, logically, because by nature it is no longer needed at this stage of life. At least not to father children.

But to make the woman who lies next to you every night hot, a proper production of your sperm would be a good thing, wouldn’t it? But first no need to worry.

Little sperm usually has a harmless cause and can usually be easily increased. Namely through nutrition and a regular get down, or a regular orgasm, which keeps everything going down there.

As is so often the case with such topics, especially when it comes to the body, nutrition plays an essential role that you should use well for yourself. You can track your food via an app, or get free advice on various platforms.

The right foods

But how do you actually get rid of counter-productive sperm production? Or which foods are suitable for stimulating production anew?

A lot of fruit and a lot of vegetables together form the answer. Unfortunately, many people underestimate their eating habits, which affects their sex life.

Drink as much water as possible and avoid alcohol and cigarettes as much as possible, because your body processes them heavily, which ensures that your ejaculate gets a bitter aftertaste and you certainly want to spare your partner.

Sperm games as a fetish

If you are a part of the people who love to swallow sperm, then these games can revive your sex life. Because the almost invisible secretion can do much more than just mark the climax, or make sure to reproduce.

Many women like to drink a lot of your juice, especially if they have been made particularly hot by their husbands and now finally want to celebrate a joint climax.

Of course, a good blowjob is perfect, because as soon as the sperm is in the mouth, it has arrived in the right place. Swallowing is often the best option, at least the one that saves the most time and is relatively uncomplicated.

How spitting can also be sexy

Spitting is an alternative that can also be sexy. For example, if you let the sperm slowly run out of your mouth. This method is especially exciting when another person licks up the ejaculate that has run out of the mouth.

This makes the man especially always horny during sex. If you experience sex with two women, one of the others can also lick the ejaculate from the vagina, especially when a lot of your ejaculate has landed in it. Most people like that and immediately make you want more.

Depending on your preferences and fetishes, you can also search for free content that shows your preference perfectly. More on that later! This free way to get your money’s worth is used by many.

Porn for your sperm fetish

Cum-shot in the face, who doesn’t know it. Everywhere you look, men squirt their juice on naked women’s bodies.

But of course, it can always be that your partner does not feel like sperm games, or simply does not share your fetish. You should accept that, because that’s not a cause for concern. In this day and age, you will receive numerous videos divided into categories.

One website after another offers you a large selection to be able to find the right one for you. One of the numerous contributions is guaranteed to have the right one for you.

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