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Snap Camera – Take your viewers into a magical world

Published 14/11/2022

As a cam performer you are also an entertainer and here I would like to introduce a simple and effective tool that will help you entertain and enchant your audience: Snap Camera.

Snapcamera is a very simple tool that you can use to pimp your stream. Whether it’s cool complete masks, small touches like freckles, or film filters, color corrections and animated backgrounds – Snap Camera is set up in a few minutes and is ready to go. Snap Camera is very easy to use on CAM4 with PC.

Setup on PC:

1. Simply download Snap Camera from https://snapcamera.snapchat.com/ and install the tool.

2. After you have opened the program, go to the settings at the top right and set the webcam you are using.

3. So that Snap Camera is now connected to your CAM4 stream, you must select “Snap Camera” as your video input when starting the stream.

4. You can easily try out the many different filters on Snap Camera’s main screen.


– Add filters you like to your favorites by clicking the asterisk on the top left of the filter icon. At the top left you can open your favorites list with the asterisk symbol.

– The backgrounds work best with a green screen. If you use a green background, also activate the checkbox “Optimize for green screen” in the settings

– In the “CUTE” category you will find many filters with little touches that turn even the toughest guy into a beauty queen 😉

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