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Sexual abstinence as a man ?

Published 11/09/2023

Sexual abstinence as a man, voluntary? Yes, how long does that actually last? Why does a man do it at all? And what consequences does such temporary abstinence have for men?

We want to get to the bottom of all these questions and have scoured the Internet in search of answers. We’d like to share with you what we’ve discovered – here we go!!!

Is there a good reason to engage in sexual abstinence?

You’ve probably read a lot about the effects abstinent athletes, for example what you want to achieve.

The subject can also come up within the relationship… Let’s take a closer look at the various reasons for voluntary abstinence from sex:

Celibacy and the Roman Catholic Church

Those who want to become Catholic priests and follow the rules swear lifelong abstinence. Priests are not allowed to marry, and strictly speaking, sex in the Catholic faith exists only in marriage.

However, celibacy goes one step further – As a priest, masturbation and even the thought of sexual intercourse are actually a no-go….

The NoFap Movement

NoFap comes from the English (to fap = to masturbate) and is rooted in the fact that men who engage in excessive porn consumption and/or suffer from compulsive masturbation want to get themselves off by temporary abstinence.

The goal is to be able to approach real women and relationships again through withdrawal, without comparing them to the previously compulsively consumed image.

Illness or just being single

You haven’t had a partner in a while and have been forced to live without sex. Maybe you don’t feel like masturbating or don’t really feel like having intercourse without a crush.

In this context, there are many reasons why you take a longer break, voluntarily or involuntarily. Health reasons may also play a role and should definitely be discussed with a specialist.

What is the real effect of abstinence?

Abstinence as a means to an end – it has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at what can be found on the Internet about it ….

Testosterone levels

Researchers found that sexual abstinence led to an increase in testosterone levels in subjects. This was reported to have increased by 45.7% after seven days of abstinence. In the following days, however, it drops again….

The myth of sperm proliferation

The so-called cavalier pains have nothing to do with sperm thrusting but are caused by a contraction of the muscles of the vas deferens (singular).

Of course, ejaculation can help keep the muscles supple by the subsequent relaxation. However, the body has other ways of transporting sperm not needed for reproduction – it does so as needed and all by itself.

Prostate cancer

As far as health is concerned, it is said that at least 21 ejaculations a month can reduce the risk of cancer. It does not matter whether you satisfy yourself or have intercourse.

However, the relaxation effect makes you fall asleep much better and, let’s face it, men are just more balanced in everyday life. Provided, of course, that it is not a compulsive behavior.

The benefits of abstinence from sex for men

Temporary abstinence has benefits that cannot be denied. Besides the fact that your testosterone levels rise for a short time, the sex break has other benefits that we would like to look at.

Regeneration of nerve endings

Frequent masturbation desensitizes the penis and glans region to external stimuli – your body just gets used to it. If you abstain for a while, the nerves can literally recover and you can experience touch and intercourse more intensely again.

Being in control

Just by taking on this challenge, your self-confidence gets a little boost. You are justifiably proud of yourself if you stick with it for some time, and it boosts your self-esteem – because you are in control.

Disadvantages of abstinence

As mentioned earlier, regular ejaculation is good for your prostate. What other disadvantages might there be to practicing abstinence for a long time? Let’s see what we can find about this ….

Untrained erectile tissue

When erectile tissue is regularly supplied with blood, you are in training – with prolonged abstinence, your penis literally gets out of shape. You can have less, and might cum faster.

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So if you skip this training, you might have trouble getting or keeping an erection the first time after abstinence.

The quality of your sperm

If you and your partner want a child, you should know that sperm quality decreases when it spends a long time in the testicles. Your body regulates this itself to make room for new sperm, but regular ejaculations speed up this process.

Mood and immune system

The exchange of germs and bacteria, such as when kissing, stimulates and strengthens your immune system. If you do without it, this workout for your body expires. Regular sexual activity also boosts your mood and reduces your susceptibility to stress in everyday life.

How long can men remain celibate?

Basically, you can be celibate all your life – your testicles won’t just burst and you can live without sex in other ways. Monks and priests show you how!

However, there can be many benefits to helping yourself regularly and/or having protected sexual intercourse. Yes, why not both?

Sexual abstinence or not – let’s recap

Perhaps here, as so often, the thing with balance applies. A phase of abstinence certainly won’t hurt you, and even if you abstain completely for personal or health reasons, your body will cope.

A small phase of abstinence can have a number of effects worth languishing for. Don’t let sexual desires drive you crazy.

It boosts your self-confidence, increases your testosterone levels, if only for a short time, and restores the sensitivity of your penis. In short, after temporary abstinence, you can be mentally enhanced and intensely enjoy yourself (including ejaculation).

On the other hand, regular ejaculation stimulates sperm production, can help prevent prostate cancer, and lets you go through daily life relatively balanced and with a trained penis ready for action. Decide for yourself!

Keep balance between both, direct your sexual energy! That way, and little negative influence from the two sides.

Between the stress hormone cortisol and the male sex hormone!

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