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Sex position Russia – How do Russian’s have sex?

Published 01/01/2024

Sex in Russian!? In France you enjoy oral, in Indian sex ecstasy is in the foreground and also Russia has its very own tradition in terms of love play.

This has nothing to do with vodka, can be practiced completely sober and holds intimate pleasures for all involved.

We have researched for you and found several versions on the subject of Russian sex position, which we do not want to withhold from you … Let’s go!

What is Russian sex?

Similar to the Albanians, who avoid possible sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy prevention during sexual intercourse in the back of the knee, Russian sex also does not involve classic penetration.

Rather, in Russia, people massage each other in different ways with lots of oil or foam.

We present here the variants that we have found so:

Thigh sex.

Exactly, here the thighs of the woman and the penis of the man are massaged with oil, so that everything slips nicely.

After this slippery foreplay, the man embeds his penis between his partner’s thighs and stimulates himself by moving his pelvis, while she can additionally influence the intensity by tensing her muscles.

Oil massages.

Mutual, extensive massage of the vagina and penis with oil or foamy soap is also often referred to as Russian sex.

Anal massages.

Of course, this can also be done. Here, a generous amount of oil or soapy foam is also used.

In the bathtub.

Sometimes lovemaking in the bathtub is also called the sex position Russian. Of course, there can be quite a lot of foam at the start.

First shave, then massage.

In this variant, the man first shaves his partner and then massages her thighs extensively and lovingly.

Very intimate and yet safe in the Russian way

According to our research, the mutual, devoted massage dates back to times when sex before marriage or even pregnancy before saying yes was still unthinkable.

This way, that is, with the Russian sex variant, people could be intimate with each other, have fun and get to know each other better without risking the loss of virginity.

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Sex position russian in a nutshell.

The Russian sex position is great for erotic foreplay, which is mainly about pampering him or her in turn.

Whether with intimate shaving, anal massage, thigh sex or in the bathtub – oil or foam should not be spared in any case.

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