Published 25/09/2023

What is a pogonophile?

What is a pogonophile? A person who has the facial hair fetish gets tremendously aroused by the presence of beards. The fondling of stroking, pulling or rubbing the beard is scientifically called pogonophilia.

Pogonophiles enjoy stroking the beard during foreplay or feeling the facial hair on the body during the arousal phase.

Pogonophilia: why is a beard so arousing?

Facial hair makes a man more dignified or more wild. Or at least … masculine.

A University of Wales study found that men with beards appear much more attractive than those without.

Are you a pogonophile?

For a true pogonophile, beards are akin to a religion, a way of life. For him or her it is a mentality so almost the way of life and not just a preference for a nice bunch of facial hair.

It is not just a mindset – or love – that is only of today and gone tomorrow, it is a real preference!

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To be sure, beards had ridden waves of popularity while sometimes trapped in an almost irrelevant situation.

Like in the 18th century, when the accursed Puritans disapproved of facial hair and many other things that created joy and uniqueness.

The long history of beards

Beards, however, have a history dating back to prehistoric man and have always been a symbol of power and style.

They emerged from the confines of Puritanism in the 19th century thanks to people like U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and have been more or less accepted ever since.

But beards are in super trendy these days. Although there are no figures to confirm this, we suspect that the number of pogonophiles has increased in recent years.

As a pogonophile, you may be obsessed with beards.

We agree that not all obsessions are healthy, but what’s wrong with this:

Treating a beard with reverence and giving it the necessary attention and care it deserves, all backed by science and study?

People have all kinds of fetishes, see the full fetish list.

Others love valuable antiques or wine or paintings, basically for anything and everything you can think of. Also consider piercings and tattoos.

More pleasure from sex with a beard

A beard tickles and teases the inside of your thighs as your partner approaches your pleasure zone, or any other part of your body he approaches with his lips.

“Beard sex” is the term used to describe the delicious sensation when oral sex involves the beard and leads to an arousing climax.

Alternatively, the beard can be used for tickle torture. The extra tickling adds a very special touch to oral sex.

Use your hair as a natural tool for foreplay by gently stroking it over your partner’s erogenous zones, such as the neck, sternum, inner thighs or belly.

So dear men … take good care of your beard. You never know how erotic it can be for a woman who is a pogonophile.

By the way, not only women love these male hormones and excessive hair growth. Men themselves often love it too, not just on the upper lip, but hair all over the face, sometimes even the less skin the better…. Body hair makes them feel more in their masculinity and the hair brings them closer to their nature.

Extreme excessive hair, on the other hand, is not seen as exciting by most, so the one who suffers from this is often not happy about it either.

There are two forms of excessive hair: hypertrichosis and hirsutism.


Hypertrichosis is an increase of hair on any area of the body, which is not tied to any particular pattern. The increase in hair is more than would be expected based on age, race or sex. It should be distinguished from hirsutism in women, where the hair is increased according to the male hair pattern. Thus, hypertrichosis occurs in both men (boys) and women (girls). Hypertrichosis can be congenital or acquired later in life and can occur both limited and extensive on the body.


One speaks of hirsutism when a male pattern of hair develops in women. The excessive hair can occur on the upper lip, cheeks, chin and neck, around the nipples, on the chest, back, abdomen and in the groin area. The hair follicles may be hypersensitive to male hormone. Another cause may be excessive production of male hormones. This excessive production can be caused by pregnancy or menopause, among other things. (The above hormonal imbalances can also cause the development of acne, male pattern baldness and obesity). A third cause of the development of hirsutism may be medication. Medications containing androgens (male hormones) can have excessive hair as a side effect. Among them are medications for breast cancer, anemia and menopause symptoms. You can have the cause of hirsutism examined by one of our dermatologists.

Any underlying disease or syndrome should be identified and treated first. Some forms of hypertrichosis or hirsutism may then disappear.

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