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Mobile for webcam for camgirls/camboys – is it possible!?

Published 08/02/2023

Cell phone as webcam for camgirls or camboys

You want to start your career as a camgirl or camboy, but don’t want to invest too much money in technology at the beginning? Then we have good news for you – it can be done without much effort. In fact, it works very well and many cam actors only cam with their cell phone without a PC. No wonder, small daring interludes in unusual places are usually very lucrative. What you should keep in mind and whether the cell phone is suitable as a webcam for camgirls/boys for the beginning, we have checked in the following article for you. Let’s go!

Working as a camgirl/camboy – what does that mean?

You enjoy showing yourself in front of the camera, you like interacting with people and you want to earn money from home? Then you already have good prerequisites.

How to start as a camgirl/camboy and how much you can earn with it, you can read here.

Internet connection, smartphone and go!

Take a close look at the technical requirements of the portals where you want to stream. Will deal with whether you can use your cell phone in this article. It may not be possible everywhere.

Now back to the topic – You probably know that you need the best possible Internet connection. But what else do you need? What mistakes should you avoid? Let’s take a quick look:


As a camgirl/camboy, you want to invite your viewers to feel comfortable in your world – you want to entertain them well so that they come back and bring you regular income. Image and voice quality, along with your appearance, performance, etc, are immensely important. So your old laptop may be less suitable.

You should check this before you start. Just ask a friend to chat with you and you won’t run the risk of scaring away your first viewers because of poor transmission.

Small but mighty!

The good news is that today’s smartphone HD cameras deliver pretty good video quality, and the microphones also ensure good intelligibility. So if you want to turn your viewers into loyal fans as quickly as possible, start with mobile first.

Some apps even allow you to connect your phone to your notebook so that you can use your smartphone as an external webcam. You should also test this briefly before showing yourself online.

What happens in the background?

Have you already thought about where you want to greet your future fans from? You’ll probably start at home. Please make sure that there are no distracting mountains of laundry or like this in the background – everything should be focused on you.

Good lighting also contributes to your success. The audience should be able to see you well. Dim lighting can create a good atmosphere on a date, but visibility in front of the camera is more important. But you shouldn’t be overexposed – that would look sterile. Just test your position beforehand with the appropriate lighting. Once you’re satisfied, you’re ready to go.

For outdoor streams, perfect light is not always so important.

Work as a camgirl or camboy with your cell phone.

You’ve set up and tested your mini setup, arranged an appealing background, and the camera image and sound are clear and crisp. Then nothing stands in the way of your appearance on the web. We wish you a lot of fun at work and a great career as a camgirl/camboy.

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