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“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best lay of them all? “

Published 23/10/2014

Well today naughty peeps we’re going to talk about one of the most sexual “toy” in your bedroom: the mirror. Oh yes you’ve heard me 😀

A lot of couples enjoy looking at themselves while making love, and a mirror can provide a few more angles that you likely wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. So invest in a few mirrors, place them around the room strategically and let’s get to work.

watch yourself

First you have to be sure that your partner doesn’t have issues with her body, otherwise a mirror might end up as a distraction rather than an enhancer. Make sure she’s comfortable with her body and staring at herself.

If she feels insecure about the entire prospect of looking in the mirror while the two of you get it on, then assure her that you think she’s hot and that she should give the idea a chance before she dismisses it altogether.

Here are some ideas where you can place the mirror in your bedroom:

Closet mirror

This is a full-length mirror that doubles as your bedroom closet’s door. You might angle your lovemaking so that you can actually see the penis moving in and out of the vagina.


Dresser mirror

While she’s standing in front of the mirror, stand behind her and begin undressing her. When she’s virtually naked, begin fondling her breasts gently and make sure she can read the excitement and pleasure in your face.

Live porn

The most erotic thing about mirrors is that they offer a feeling that you’re being watched, you’re watching or, best of all, you’re starring in your very own porn film. A mirror can be used by both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, you pervert you. 😀

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