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Make love with her mind ;)

Published 21/08/2019

You’ve played your cards well enough that the new girl you’re dating has finally agreed to come back to your apartment after a night out.

Until now, you’ve held back on making a move because you didn’t want to scare her off, but you can’t wait any longer. You want her in your bed so bad. You might think candles, or soft music might help. But that is not enough. Here are few magic places where you can touch her and bring her to climax

1. Her mind

The more you stimulate her mentally, the more dopamine her body produces, lowering her inhibitions and sending her sex drive soaring. The biggest sex organ in the body is the mind!!

2. Her skin

The way you touch a woman tells her whether you’re a gentle lover or a rough one. Take your time here, it will be worth it.

3. Mouth

Whether slow and sensual, or rough and passionate, a good kiss is magical. You’ll know when you’ve got it right by the way she groans, moans, or breathes.

4. Body

Tension builds up around the toes and sole of the foot. Help her unwind with a massage over her body. She will scream for pleasure.


Your goal is to make her feel special. So enjoy your time with her, and why not have some fun while doing that! ;))

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