Lock in Pvt Competition

Published 24/02/2015

We decided to organize a Private Show contest in Europe, South America, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Latin America, Holland, and the UK. Everyone can participate in this competition, which begins on the morning of Monday the 2nd of March.

To enter, just leave a comment on the blog with your Cam4 username and which country you’re competing for, or send the same information to cam4_uk@cam4.com.

The contest will run from Monday 2nd to Sunday the 8th of March.

Once the competition has closed, we’ll look how many private shows you’ve completed and will publish the results in the next Newsletter.

The winners will be those who have managed to get the highest number of tokens from private shows. Private shows pay per minute only

WARNING: No time limit in private shows, it’s tokens earned by private shows that counts.

The prizes are:

1st place: $ 150

2nd place: $ 100

3rd place: $ 50

Rules of the contest:

As mentioned above, the only thing that matters in this competition are the tokens earned by putting on private shows.

You have until Sunday, March 8th at midnight, good luck!

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