Interview With PaulHARDUK

Published 16/02/2022

1. Tell us something about yourself. What are you like when you’re not camming?

When I’m not camming I’m constantly horny as some of my viewers may know making horny videos that are requested constantly thinking of naughty thoughts 

2. How did you come to CAM4 and what made you start camming?

The thrill and excitement of people watching me stroke and touch myself attracted me to start and knowing people were getting turned on watching me excited me even more 

3. Do you have a favourite sex toy? Can you tell us about it?

I have A cock ring/anal toy love the feeling of the tightness it feels around my cock making it even harder and the veins show even more and when the toy Enters me feel very pleasurable also have a flesh light which is great feeling when lubed up and the wetness combined with entering the toy bring me close to climax as I pull my cock out to explode , I have a max 2 on the way and can’t wait to try this 

4. What kind of advice do you have for new performers?

Your be nervous at first I believe but In no time your grow to be comfortable on cam and enjoy every moment be yourself and explore your body and meet some friendly people

5. What hobby’s do you have?

Enjoys watching movies , I’m a big nerd love my superhero movies , working out when I can find time and playing the odd video game and hanging out with friends

6. What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on CAM4?

Ok this may not be bizarre to all but it was to me someone asked me to cum in my boxers and they wanted me to send them the cum filled boxers if your reading this who requested this you won’t get my cum boxers!

7. In what way did camming have a positive effect on your life?

It can make you feel more confident in yourself and body for example to me I’m a hairy and you don’t see many hairy men but people love it. It also introduces you to some friendly wonderful people that you would not expect to meet 

8. What can viewers expect from your show?

A horny tease of seeing a hairy body touch himself all over open to requests and if you like you can help me reach an explosive cum goal and private shows is always an option as I love a good role play 

9. When is your favourite time to broadcast?

You can normally catch me on in the evening late around 22:30-00:30 I normally get really horny before bed can you help sleep well

10. Which other CAM4 performer would you like to meet in real life and why?

This is an easy question it would definitely be the cam performer “Hot_BlondieX” She’s beautiful stunning, amazing funny and a true performer who always puts on a great show no matter what mood your in she can put a smile your face  her outdoor shows are a delight to watch and even if she does an occasional home show as well your in for a treat!


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