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Interview with hot stud : richyrai

Published 13/10/2015

This week on Cam4, I’m pleased to present you, a hot stud from the UK: richyrai

1.What’s one thing you’ve done on CAM4 that you thought you’d never do?

I dont remember doing too many crazy things! But there was one thing though: I was taking a shower and broadcasting on Cam4 in the same time! It was awesome

2. And what’s one thing that CAM4 has got you wanting to do/fantasizing about that you never did


Oh the famous shower;) But eventually I fulfilled this fantasy!

3. Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?

My fetish is to fuck in a dark room with lot of people!

4. What do you feel is sexiest part of your body? And what part do other people find the sexiest?

I think my sexiest part is my chest, other think my bulge

5. Have you ever thought about another CAM4 performer?

Not that I know of 🙂

6. Has camming changed your personality off-cam?

Not really. I might be more hornier but I’m still the same guy 🙂

7. Voyeur or exhibitionist: what came first for you?

Exhibitionist forever, lol!

8. What super power would you choose?

I think I would love to regenerate forever lol:D

9. Do you have any hobbies?

I love to create and listen to music, and another hobby of mine is to paint 🙂

10. Where can people find you? (Twitter/Facebook)

People can always find me on Twitter @RadoRaiCamModel and Facebook also!


Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter, and subscribe to his horny shows on Cam4

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